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Gardening & Farming in Urban Porto

Gardening & Farming in Urban Porto

Duration:2 hodiny celkem
Languages:Jazyky: angličtina a portugalština

O tvém hostiteli

I love to collaborate, co-create, share what we have! We are extremely passionate about caring for nature; we mind the land, vegetables and herbs. Every year a permaculture course is ran and guided for the improved creation of a growing patch and surrounding areas. We spend hours in the garden, cleaning the space, nurturing plants and conserving seeds... and have the occasional beloved seed ball…

O Associação Movimento Terra Solta

Terra Solta is an association which facilitates co-creative learning experiences to a huge diversity of people... Moments where everyone is naturally included to participate and bring their own wisdom to each of the activities... A place to: Be who we are together, Materialize ideas through collaboration, Bring support to where it's needed... such as reforestation and sustainable living...
Toto je zážitek se společenským prospěchem , což znamená, že 100 % z toho, co za tento zážitek zaplatíš, dostane organizace Associação Movimento Terra Solta. .

Co budeme dělat

We are extremely passionate about caring for nature. We love to spend our time in the garden, cleaning the space, nurturing plants & vegetables, and conserving seeds. We invite you to learn and create with us! In this experience, you will get your hands dirty and get to know Porto's soil. We'll maintain the garden, work in the nursery, care for the herbs, and even say hi to the chickens…

Co dalšího bys měl/a vědět

Get ready to sweat, get dirty, and learn about our land! As a nonprofit association, all our money goes towards creating better access for everyone. Thanks for your support!

Co zajistím

Tea from our herb spirals Coffee is also always available. Sometimes even barley drink. Kombucha is also often available!

Co si vzít

If you have some seeds to grow feel free to bring them, we will grow them and share the fruits!
If you feel like it, bring a nice treat for sharing...
If you can't bring anything, do not worry... come anyway!
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