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Czechoslovak Gulag Experience

Czechoslovak Gulag Experience

Duration:8 hodin celkem
Includes:Jídlo, Nápoje a Doprava
Languages:Jazyky: angličtina

O tvém hostiteli

We are members of Political Prisoners.eu, NGO dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of political prisoners in socialist Czechoslovakia. We have interviewed countless survivors of communist persecution and preserve their experiences. Tomas is the founder, while his colleagues DAN and SAM are scholars with study experiences in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. They have an avid…
Tomas & Daniela & Kristyna
Tomas & Daniela & Kristyna
Tomas & Daniela & Kristyna
Tomas & Daniela & Kristyna

O Političtí vězni.cz

Political Prisoners.eu is a Prague-based, unsubsidized research initiative whose primary purpose is to collect and disseminate the oral histories of the political prisoners who survived Czechoslovakian prisons under socialist dictatorship. We hold regular historical conferences, youth camps, and compile the Czechoslovak Political Prisoners anthology to enable these stories to cross the globe.
Toto je zážitek se společenským prospěchem , což znamená, že 100 % z toho, co za tento zážitek zaplatíš, dostane organizace Političtí vězni.cz. .

Co budeme dělat

We´ll visit the remnants of communist penal camps and share with you the stories of Czech(oslovak) political prisoners. We’ll learn about uranium mining during and after WW II in the town of Jachymov (Ore Mountains near Karlovy Vary). We will visit an authentic uranium mine and hike to the places of former Nazi and later Czechoslovak gulag camps. We will share memories of former political…

Co dalšího bys měl/a vědět

We arrange smooth transportation service from/to Prague using a professional transfer company Bohemian Shuttles (www.bohemianshuttles.cz).

Co zajistím

Lunch in a local place
Drinks and snack
Car/van trip from Prague

Co si vzít

Bring your camera and hiking shoes. We can hike up to 2 hrs in the woods with several stops at the places of memory. They all are available by our car/van.
Tomas & Daniela & Kristyna
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