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Gardening Community

Gardening Community

Duration:4.5 hodin celkem
Includes:Jídlo, Nápoje a Vybavení
Languages:Jazyky: angličtina
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O tvém hostiteli

After 20 years volunteering in the community and learnign about their everyday problems, I founded an organization which aims to empower people to organize themselves and defend their rights.

O Pacheco Community

The Pacheco Community Center helps young people from the surrounding area learn the craft of gardening and landscaping —framed in agroecology understood as a science, a social movement and a practice—. With this, our main goal is to empower them with the skills to be able to have a job, gain confidence and grow surrounded by a communitarian way of living.
Toto je zážitek se společenským prospěchem , což znamená, že 100 % z toho, co za tento zážitek zaplatíš, dostane organizace Pacheco Community. .

Co budeme dělat

Learn about our organization and meet the young people we are empowering by boosting their confidence, making them grow and giving them the skills to find a job. We will start the day sharing a morning meeeting, followed by an introductory talk about the organization. Then you will learn about gardening and work in the greenhouse with the youths in the community. After the gardening workshop, we…

Co dalšího bys měl/a vědět

We suggest you bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and confortable clothes to work in the gardens.

Co zajistím

Self harvest vegetables
fresh juices
Gardening tools

Co si vzít

Mosquito Repellent
Confortable clothes to work in the gardens
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