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Sustainable Bikesharing Tour

Sustainable Bikesharing Tour

Duration:3.5 hodiny celkem
Includes:Občerstvení, Nápoje, Vybavení a Doprava
Languages:Jazyky: angličtina

O tvém hostiteli

We are a team of bike enthusiasts. Our stories are different, but one thing we have in common - Rekola Bikesharing. The company brings a lot to us, but the most important is, it is a place of people, who share the same ideas and interests. Currently we have put our knowledge and passion for the city and bikes into creating this Airbnb experience. Meet us now, you will be surprised of how much we…
Jakub & Václav
Jakub & Václav
Jakub & Václav
Jakub & Václav

O Rekola z.s. believes that every city deserves bikesharing. It has started as a start- up project by recycling old bikes and giving them a new life. In 5 years we became the largest bikesharing provider. We operate in 7 cities, have 1150 bikes in total and have 8300 rides daily. Also, the company does awareness campaigns about sustainability and bike safety in meaning of improving bike infrastructure
Toto je zážitek se společenským prospěchem , což znamená, že 100 % z toho, co za tento zážitek zaplatíš, dostane organizace Rekola z.s.. .

Co budeme dělat

We will start in the former industrial part of Prague - Holešovice, where you will see how old factories turned into cool hipster places. There is also garage of Rekola Bikesharing, where we check the pink bikes being built and pick them up for the ride After a few minutes in the streets we will get into one of the biggest parks in Prague and there we Czech out some typical snacks for our…

Co dalšího bys měl/a vědět

We are happy to introduce you the brand new system we made this year. When you book the experience as first, you can choose the time when we begin our tour.

Co poskytnu

During the trip we will stop for a drink. Cheers! or Na zdraví! ;-)
Rekola bike
Helmet, map
Want to taste some typical Czech stuff? Then wait for the legendary picnic.

Co si vzít

Comfortable shoes
Bottle for water

Jakub & Václav
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1 000 Kč za osobu
1 000 Kč za osobu