Political Prisoners´ Prague

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We are members of Political Prisoners.eu, NGO dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of political prisoners in socialist Czechoslovakia. We have interviewed countless survivors of communist persecution and preserve their experiences. Tomas is the founder, while his colleagues DAN is a student with study experience in the UK and US. He has an avid passion for 'living' history; history that is meaningful and relevant, with a clear sense of place and individual character.
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We´ll visit places connected with the stories of Czech(oslavak) political prisoners and the struggle against the communist regime. We’ll learn about Václav Havel, the world-famous Czech playwright, dissident, political prisoner and president. We will visit his favourite pubs and taste the lifestyle of the Czech(oslovak) underground. We will offer you unique insight and show you the human face of…
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Local Czech drinks 󲀃
The first round is on us! We will relax with a drink in a memorable and authentic café.
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Zúčastnit se mohou hosté ve věku 8 let a starší. Rodiče si mohou přivést děti do 2 let.
Bring your camera and any memory connected to V. Havel and/or other Czech(oslovak) political prisoners. We are going to walk for about 1.5 hours with stops at local non-tourist pubs and cafés.
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We´ll guide you through: - the place of family home of V. Havel & the Dancing House - the beautiful Lucerna Palace & Wenceslas Square - the Velvet Revolution memorial - 2 unique historical cafés - the austere Memorial of the Victims of Communism.
Tomas & Dan
Political Prisoners´ Prague
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