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Rychlosti wifi

You want a place to stay that’s not only comfortable, but connected too. To help you determine if their place suits your needs, some hosts have tested the wifi speed in their space and added this speed result to their listing page. Hosts run the speed test through the Airbnb app and are responsible for making sure the wifi speed shown on their listing page is accurate, available throughout the listing, and representative of what you can expect when you stay at their place.

Understanding wifi speeds at each listing

To find out the wifi speed at a listing:

  1. Go to the What this place offers section
  2. Next to Wifi, you’ll find the download speed in Mbps. If the wifi is greater than 50 Mbps, you’ll see Fast wifi instead of Wifi
  3. If you go to Show all amenities and scroll to the Internet and office section, next to Wifi, you’ll see more details about what activities different speeds can generally support

Understanding your wifi speed test result


What it means for you

No speed shown

  • The host has not specified the speed details for their space.

1 - 6 Mbps

  • Basic wifi speed.
  • You can check messages and browse the web.

7 - 24 Mbps

  • Solid wifi speed.
  • You can stream HD videos.

25 - 49 Mbps

  • Snappy wifi speed.
  • You can stream 4K videos and join video calls.

50+ Mbps

  • Wow! Fast wifi speed.
  • You can stream 4K videos and join video calls on multiple devices.

The wifi speed test only measures the download speed, so there aren’t any specific details about the upload speed or latency. Feel free to reach out to your host about more of these specific details.

Please note that the wifi speed during your stay can depend on network conditions like available bandwidth, where you are in the listing, and other activity happening on the network at the same time you're using it.

The details about the download speed are only available if the host has run the speed test through the Airbnb app and added this to their listing. The speed is collected at one point in time, and while hosts may choose to run these speed tests regularly, this isn't required.

How the wifi speed is collected

M-Lab’s speed test measures the listing’s internet connection’s download speed—that’s how fast information can transfer to you. It affects things like watching videos, transferring large files, and even how fast a web page loads.

The test results depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The specific network or equipment setup at the listing
  • Network conditions (like available bandwidth and other activity happening on the network)
  • Where testing servers are located

Learn more from M-Lab.

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