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SuperhostitelHackensack, New Jersey, Spojené státy
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Perfect for Summer Interns. & Professor (Woman preferred)
(Sorry, No COVID-19 Staff )
Need FULL Gov. I. D. , Visit Purpose,

Vegetarian Household. Limited Kitchen for safety.Tea/coffee O K.
Order out dinner/wknds.Eat in Dining Rm.

Prefer 1-mo Interns./Summers O K

Shower: .Must clean out after you use it: Two levels shower drains & sink.

Unsuitable - children
Moderate Cancellation Policy.
No pets.
Only Non- smokers
Strict Recycling: to porch...

Classic Colonial style house, quiet property with new front steps ,bluestone topped. Landscape:Mature trees, ivy, & shrubbery.

Kitchen: Just Re-painted Jan 2020. Take-out Food orders highly recommended or take transportation to restaurant, local nearby cafes. etc. Order Out. Get food Delivery for dinner foods.Limited cooking on stovetop. Oven not available. Countertop Toaster for 4 -breads available or for breakfast waffles.

Located in oldest Grandfather's 'Korn Block' part of Hackensack, Fairmount & Summit Ave.neighborhood of Professionals. Client/Intern welcomed with Verified references.

Good place to study and rest up. Has many books. And new portable A/ C unit, new windows (as of 2019).

Near Food Stores: Five minutes to Whole Foods in Discount Outlet Mall, Bergen Towne Center, Shop Rite, Maywood Market & Deli, & REI sporting goods Stores, Best Buy, & gyms. Hack.Univ. MED. Cntr. / 7- Min. drive to New Bridge (Psychiatry Interns/MDs), Fifteen minutes to Ridgewood Neurology Group, PA. Ten min. to Holy Name Hos. (Teaneck) & Prometrics - Exams, Re. 4 East, (Fair Lawn) .
Close to NYC Jitney bus , Hackensack on Rt. 4 East = 20 min. to Upper Manhattan.
Catch subway downtown.. Catch A -train to Brooklyn Museum and other stops. Go on High Line Walk, NYC. Must do! Love it !

Available short-term/long-term Internships. Summers etc. 7-nights as long as 3 - 6 mos. Semester. Ask if longer wanted.

Prefer 1 .- 3 mo. Interns / Medics / Grad Student / Summer FDU Guest
Guest Room in Private House, 2nd floor, Queen bed, table, near Master Bath with shower (re-modeled).

Limited kitchen privileges ( Oven off-limits.) Limited shared Fridge food storage space.
{ For Health reason, No Microwave Oven allowed on premises }. Also, Do NOT bring any electric oven, Not allowed here. Homeowner's Safety issue.)

Room has extra electric Amish heater ( cooler mos.) & new (2019) portable Friedrich A/C unit on floor with 2 - Dedicated electric circuits( (for sizzling summers). Please Note: Your nightly private room price has had to be adjust4ed upwards to include your share-of-local utility increases on our home's meter usage r Utility bills increased due to very high electric usage when you run our Amish Heater /Friedrich A/C in your Guest Room This leads to a higher nightly price. ( The local fossil fuel utility corporations have everyone's Home bills going thru their roofs. They huge profits.)
Our Winter/Summer monthly utility bills run nearly $600. per month, 2019 - 2020, for Guests who leave Amish Electric Heater on all day & night and/ in Summer, when those Guests leave the private Guest Room's Air Conditioner on all night they jack up our bills things that cause a big jump in our home's electric or gas utility bills. Guests must pay three fair share of costs like anywhere. Expected.

Use of Dining Room for Breakfast / warm up food purchases in Kitchen only when Hostess-Homeowner is there/ Meal Deliveries best way to do things as you Order out.

3-pot Coffee Maker in Dinette.

Dishwasher shared when dishes are first rinsed & food scraps put in garbage
can. In Spring /Summer, we compost for good top soil for tomatoes and the veggie crops.

Wi-fi. Only left on before bedtime. - TV being changed to Firestick in Living Room.

Extra Amenity - For Hair Styling- Hair Iron* in blue Master Bath Cupboard. for styling..

Laundry machines in Basement. We provide laundry, non-phosphates) detergent & we have 4- dryer balls to conserve. PLEASE CLEAN OUT DRYER LINT TRAP AFTER EACH USAGE. PUT in BASKET NEXT TO IT. FIRE SAFETY PREVENTION. Thank you.

Back yard GARDEN in Spring & Summer. Many Trees. Deer sometimes jump fence. Groundhog lives under shed. Many wild birds - Cardinals, ... Other wildlife may wander about at dusk...or after dark...near Grandfather's small woods in back...

Close to 3 - Malls, fine, international dining, ... AMX Theatres, Paramus & Riverside Mall, Hackensack:
Discount Outlet Mall is Bergen Towne Center, Paramus, only 5 minutes from House.

Walk down hill to SUEZ Water for Internship or to FDU (Metro.)campus, Hackensack-Teaneck campus; straight over RR track past Ice Cream Shop.
Drive/call Lyft/Uber or take bus/bike to Berg.Community Col.,
Walk/bike to Hac. Med. Univ. Hos.(HMUC). Bus=2 blocks from House to New Bridge Med Cntr. (Paramus), Holy Name Hos.l (Teaneck).

Residential area, semi-wooded neighborhood with public Elem. school approx. 7 - 8 blocks down avenue.
Catch NJ Transit Bus # 165 at Target on Main St.stop rides Interns to other HUMC branch, or into Port Authority Terminal, 1 - hr. bus ride to NYC.

Or Paterson -Rt.4 Jitney Bus - Catch the one on Rt. 4 East, Hackensack near north Main St. across from Riverside Mall. It takes 15-20 min to Upper Manhattan near Columbia Presbyterian.( jitney Bus fare is less than NJ Transit Bus which takes a long hour. ) Then hop Subway down to Midtown / Lower Manhattan...

Transportation: Train / Cab/ Rental cars.
Take Lyft/Uber to Anderson St. Station to get Trains .

Take bus ride to larger Outlet Mall in NY State, exit BEFORE Thruway Exit 19 to WOODBURY COMMONS Outlets, Rt. 17 n to NY State THRUWAY - no tolls.,
Exit right before toll booth..) Has large Food Court.

House Rules: We are zoned for only 1- Adult for our Airbnb Spacious Guest Room

(Temporary Situation: In Spring Semester 2020, we have a younger family member using our smaller Bedroom and she shares Master Bath. She is a teacher.).

****Absolutely No Smokers.
Space unsuitable for children under age 13. Must be supervised by parent/guardian.

Unacceptable to bring in an unregistered Visitor when we are out.
Home is under watch by brother's family next door. ( They have a dog & a cat. )

No Microwaves on premises for Health reasons. ( Microwaves turn foods into Zeno Plastics & frazzle the food especially red meats causing it to become carcinogenic. )


Access to home's DIAMOND ROCK SPRING WATER COOLER IN BACK PART of DINETTE used for Water jugs storage. Good water from cooler always available for your tea & coffee beverages.

You must Clear out /up stains, and clean out Shower Drains ( both, 2 - levels ) AFTER each usage. WE keep a Green Spray Bottle of White Vinegar on hard and tools for cleaning out Shower Drains/Shower. This is to keep our drains from clogging again & overflowing down into Living Rm Ceiling below !

Watch Water Level in Shower Pan carefully. Don't let anything go down drains in sink & shower Except water, soap, shampoo/conditioner.

Let Hosts know immediately IF water level in Shower. Blue Sink/Toilet appears to be backing up from drains. BE CAREFUL. NO items except normal bath tissue paper put in bowl. If we need to call Plumber to fix, & you forgot & caused back up, we have no choice but to charge part of your Security Deposit for Plumber's repair / unblock drain bill. Thank you for removing Anything from Shower that would cause drains to clog up too. . " An ounce of Prevention is worth a future high bill of Plumber's Repair."

Also, toilet is new, has low-flush to save water. Please do Not put anything in to clog it.
Security Deposit partial ? / all may have to be used to repair damages / replace entire toilet/ or pats or whatever Living Room Ceiling below/ or oak floor is damaged. If Plumber is needed too. Use carefully. Thanks.

O. K. to book "Cozy Room" for 2020 Summer Interludes / other visit now! Check details.
Ask us questions on line before you book as you like. WE'll answer them for you. Better to check with us before you book.
Minimum Stay = 7 nights, but Summer Interns from Teterboro, Dessault-Falcon Interns or Suez Water Interns, for example, stay many weeks of Summer..And they go into NYC to give that one a whirl & invite friends to meet them ! Party Time in Brooklyn !

Available Summer - Fall - early Winter & Holidays 2020. Check Calendar .

Re: YOUR CAR /VAN. We have On-Street Free Parking in front of house. But on .THURSDAY nights = Please move your car to Other Side of our Avenue from our house for Municipal Street Cleaning, Friday 5 - 6 a.m. & Trash / Recycling/ Yard Waste Collectors to remove from curb ( Police are harshhere and give out tickets of $50. or more if your car is not moved. Please don't give the police a reason to ticket your vehicle.! No one needs an extra headache what with dangerous 5- G being unrolled on all of us !!!)

When Hostess is here in home, limited Light Cooking in older Kitchen is alright if cleared first and if you agree to clean up after yourself. Limited counter space with Newer appliances.
For Safety, please check Gas Stove if you are using it to make sure jet is OFF when you exit Kitchen area or leave house. Check Stove before Bedtime.

Please do Not use OVEN w/o our permission. We have to be Home for any Guest to use our Oven. It's usually Off-Limits when we aren't there.

( Toaster Over on Countertop is O.K. Remove electric plug after each use, Prefer it to be used when Homeowner/Hostess is here.)

Oven can't be used if we are out. too high a risk. We had a young woman Intern leave our stove oven to "broil" , go to NYC to party but when we got home we felt the het in kitchen and discovered Guest had left stove onto broil and had broken our stove's oven Ignitor!!!OMG! she could have totaled out our house ! That woman Guest rushed off to NYC forgetting to shut the oven off ! Very dangerous. She made us have to get a new stove. But worse than that, she could have burned down our nice family home due to extreme carelessness. Please be careful in our Family's House !!!!

Safety Reason. Important: Our newly repaired and repainted Kitchen (Jan - Feb. 2020) has a Fire Extinguisher near our 'Farm Door" across from our stove.
( WE clean enamel stove areas & burners.)

Please rinse well your dishes & glasses before putting into Dishwasher.
( No garbage disposal in kitchen sink. Usesm. trash basket or large can out on porch. )


A Fire Extinguisher is located on LaundryTable near Washer-Dryer Unit.

It is a quiet house. We have a big yard out back with trees. We keep a garden also. Nice in Spring & Summers: Many monarch butterflies & others observed in Summers of 2018 and 2019.l WE provide their backyard Milkweed and Butterfly Bushes.

After you have booked room with us, Best Airport to fly into for our house is: ( EWR ) Newark, NJ . Or Teterboro if flying on Falcon Jet. ( Sometimes our driver can give you transportation if we have your Flight # detail in advance.Check to see if any delays. )

Please enjoy our place.
Tell us what Breakfast Foods to take in for you. pick blueberries if you are here when they are abundant in late June...( Shared with birds & squirrels.) So pick them before completely ripe & we'll ripen them indoors.

Přístup pro hosty
Master Bedroom, Master Bath,

Use of iron & ironing board in small Storage Room off Master Bedroom..

Carpeted hall stairway to 2nd level Master .Bedroom...

Kitchen ( Very limited Light cooking on new Gas Stovetop ONLY when Homeowner/Hostess is here
Coffee Maker on kitchen counter. Water cooler in Dinette to make it or tea.
Automatic dishwasher ( newer appliance)
Limited shared food space in new Fridge.

Access to Diamond Rock Spring Water Cooler & Water jugs storage Space, off kitchen,

Dining Room for eating all meals.
Living Room. (Has basic T V - VCR-DVD Player)

Porch door we call our "Farm Door" entrance/ exit by kitchen, to yard and garden, Guest house key is for that one.

Laundry area - in unfinished Basement to right of steps. turn on light on left of top steps first. And off when yo come up again. Please don't leave laundry in Dryer overnight.

And be sure to clean out Lint Trap of Dryer so to avoid FIRE. ( Fire Extinguisher sits on Laundry utility Table. Safety first. )

Další věci, které stojí za zmínku
Read all of the above & below.
In winter months, although these past winters of 2018-20, the warmed weather is all mixed up & we've gotten temperatures of 60 -72 degrees Fahrenheit in January & also snows in 21 degrees Fahrenheit in the same week (2019) !!!
WE have had bi-polar climate shifts in same week ! Geoengineers at work. Expect incredible range of Solar Radiation un-Management Program fluctuations = odd weather. And once their roll out of 5- G is done, expect a destroyed Ionisphere and lower Atmosphere of our endangered Planet beside lots of other nasty things. Look at what California & Australia got hit with in 2019 ! (No wonder the wealthy billionaires & Silicon Valley moguls are building themselves underground survivor bunkers they're stockpiling water & canned foods, etc. They know what's coming. It's not cute.)

Be prepared for any & all types of meteorological human- engineered, wild, changing weather.
"What happens in the Arctic", as Paul Beckwith says, "doesn't stay in the Arctic ".
So they're having 70 - degree Fahrenheit weather up there.
But so are we in N J on some weekends in 2019 that coincide exactly with same temperature in the Arctic region. Ridiculous ! But bring appropriate gear and clothing when you travel here. Heat domes coming again ! But we hope not in our suburbs.
Perfect for Summer Interns. & Professor (Woman preferred)
(Sorry, No COVID-19 Staff )
Need FULL Gov. I. D. , Visit Purpose,

Vegetarian Household. Limited Kitchen for safety.Tea/coffee O K.
Order out dinner/wknds.Eat in Dining Rm.

Prefer 1-mo Interns./Summers O K

Shower: .Must clean out after you use it: Two levels shower drains & sink.

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Hackensack, New Jersey, Spojené státy

We enjoy the trees & greenery and closeness to the woods in the midst of a suburban-city area with Shopping Malls, doctors, & hospitals proximate and our big back yard & garden. Sometimes we hear the wildlikfe in the little woods near our back yard.
It's not far to go to pick up groceries or anything from our house. At night, the neighborhood can get very quiet especially in Winter Season. On Sundays, in our Bergen County, there is a holdover from earlier times, the Blue Laws. They make the nearby Malls close down except mostly restaurants can stay open. Therefore, we have a lot less smog & cars running around our roads on Sundays here. And less congestion. Once Summer arrives, lots of people drive down to the Jersey Shore and stay there for weeks enjoying the surfing, mini-golf on the Boardwalks, beach fun, boating, amusements as Jenkinson's pavillion by Pt. Pleasant beach, Asbury Park's Convention Hall, the Ocean Grove Giant Crafters & some 400 Artisans Fair in June 2020. (Contact the Ocean Grove City Planning for Dates of Events annually.) (Free Admission by beach area blocks & Pavillion starting at 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. - & just taking in the relaxing ocean air. a few towns down Rt. 4 East from our place. Plus look to the Hudson River Festivals all along that historical river and up in Woodstock and in Rhinebeck, N Y p;lus you can take the Hudson River Rockefeller and other Mansions Tours.
This Hostess can personally give you the tour and show you the mansion of our distant relative, Frederick Edwin Church's Mansion up there in Olana that overlooks the Hudson. He made its architecture to reflect the Moorish styles of Spain. Its a very unique Estate from a bygone era.
We enjoy the trees & greenery and closeness to the woods in the midst of a suburban-city area with Shopping Malls, doctors, & hospitals proximate and our big back yard & garden. Sometimes we hear the wildlikfe…

S hostitelem E Frances

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Watercolor Artist- Website: (Website hidden by Airbnb) Teacher-Tutor, ESL & Art, Mom & Gardner (loves Botanicals, Monarch Butterflies, Honey Bees, & wild deer), Photographer, Traveler to Sorrento, Hotel Del , Vancouver, Tongass Temperate Rain Forest(Save it ! ) - Alaska, Golden Gate, Anderson Valley - N.CAL, Ballyhaunis - Mayo, Italia Hills, Capri, Milano, Firenze, Roma, Paris, ......
Watercolor Artist- Website: (Website hidden by Airbnb) Teacher-Tutor, ESL & Art, Mom & Gardner (loves Botanicals, Monarch Butterflies, Honey Bees, & wild deer), Photographer, Trave…
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In a personable way & in a friendly manner.
We treat others as we were treated in Europe when we stayed in Airbnb locations.

We seek to have happy arrangements & good, supportive communications with Guests. We have a Communication Pad on Dining Room Table for Guests to tell us things daily.

Or ask us things. It's near our Guest Key Box on Dining table.

We also have a sense of humor.
We appreciate thoughtful, open-minded, & tolerant conversations.

Quiet evenings a must. Please don't shout at those you Skype or call from your Guest Room in our house.

We value our Beauty-brain renewal sleep time.

Thanks for these basic considerations.
In a personable way & in a friendly manner.
We treat others as we were treated in Europe when we stayed in Airbnb locations.

We seek to have happy arrangements &…
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