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This is our country!
This is our country!
  • This is our country!
  • To refresh yourself on our terrace is just unforgatable!
  • In your spacious living room you can rest
  • and read
  • and enjoy our antique pieces
  • day and night.
  • The sleeping room is located
  • in an attached cosy extension.
  • There is a shared  bathroom
  • and a corridor.
  • A porch is available,
  • which you can view from your room.
  • Another view from the room at spring mist.
  • We may spoil you by our homemade nut bread
  • or homemade baguette.
  • This is our kitchen available to you
  • and the kitchen table,
  • with a dining table at the porch, too.
  • Your kids can play by the house,
  • or swing in the garden,
  • you can enjoy various still lives around,
  • bells in the morning,
  • observing a baloon passing by, or
  • horses right by the house.
  • A spectaculous view of a summer storm above the valley,
  • hazy fall-time
  • the local church,
  • typical landscape
  • on a walk will envigor you.
  • A winter idylle
  • a red deer by the fence.
  • A winter view from the house.
  • Come,...
  • you are welcome!
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This is our country!