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Noční klub
“The most famous and characteristic place of Capri, is a tavern, where you sing live Italian music. ”
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“Piazza Umberto I. Dubbed 'The sitting room of the world'. No further description is required :)”
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Další skvělé venkovní lokality
“Are you ready to spend thousand and thousand of €, Here you can find all the most known brands in the world. Shopping time!”
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“Ottima qualità prezzo, ambiente casual, immergersi nel tipico ristorante caprese, con piatti del posto.”
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“the name derives from the Greek kàpros, meaning wild boar, connected to the Latin capreae, goats (in ancient times the island was known as Caprae, in Greek Κάπραι). More likely than this usual etymology and consistent with historical events is that the name is the transposition in the various languages ​​of an original Italic toponym. The island is, unlike the neighboring Ischia and Procida, of karstic origin. Initially it was joined to the Sorrento peninsula, except to be subsequently submerged partly by the sea and then separated from the mainland, where today the Bocca Piccola strait is located. Capri presents a complex morphological structure, with peaks of medium height (Monte Solaro 589 m and Monte Tiberio 334 m) and vast internal plateaus, among which the main one is the one of "Anacapri". It ranks twenty-first among the Italian islands in order of size. The coast is indented with numerous caves and coves that alternate with steep cliffs. The caves, hidden under the cliffs, were used in Roman times as nymphs of the sumptuous villas that were built here during the Empire. The most famous is undoubtedly the Blue Grotto, where magical lighting effects were described by many writers and poets. Characteristic of Capri are the famous Faraglioni, three small rocky islets a short distance from the shore that create a scenic and landscape effect; they were also given names to distinguish them: Stella for the one attached to the mainland, Faraglione di Mezzo for the one placed next to the other two and Faraglione di Fuori (or Scopolo) for the one farthest from the island. The island preserves numerous animal and plant species, some endemic and very rare, such as the blue lizard, which lives on one of the three Faraglioni. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, with a prevalence of agaves, prickly pears and brooms. On Capri there are no more sources of drinking water and the water supply is guaranteed by underwater pipelines coming from the Sorrento peninsula. Electricity is supplied by a private company on site. The municipalities into which the island is divided are Capri and Anacapri. The other most important inhabited centers are the hamlets of Capri Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. From Casa Carmela you reach the Beverello pier in 5 minutes by walking and from there you take a fast ship that in an hour you arrive in Capri.”
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“Tipico ristorante caprese. Particolarmente buone le pietanze a base di pesce.”
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“A collection of the most beautiful vegetation on the island, with spectacular views. Recently they have started charging for admission, but in my opinion it's still worth it.”
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“very good traditional cuisine with special “ravioli caprese” – outdoor tables under the trees - close to Natural Arch 800mt from home”
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“all'interno della certosa oltre che godersi una bellissima passeggiata c'è all'interno del chiostro una mostra permanente del famoso Dieffenbach.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Da percorrere all'imbrunire. Via pedonale particolarmente suggestiva al tramonto per la sua romanticità.”
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“One of the most famous restaurants in the world. just a 2 minute walk from Villa Fortivara. Do not miss a wonderful and tasty dinner under the most beautiful lemon trees that is there.”
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“Arco formatosi nella tipica roccia caprese, immersi nella natura sovrastante la stradina che conduce alla famosa Villa di Malaparte”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Un arco generato da Madre Natura...una finestra sui meravigliosi colori del mare di Capri”
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“A collection of the most beautiful vegetation on the island, with spectacular views. Recently they have started charging for admission, but in my opinion it's still worth it.”
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“Excellent quality, kind and helpful pesonial. The coolest thing? the little fried bombs together with the bill.”
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