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Prozkoumej lokalitu Austin

Best things to do in Austin

History Museum
“The museum's stated mission is to tell "the Story of Texas." with three themed exhibits: Land, Identity and Opportunity.”
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Science Museum
“Wonderful place conveniently located. great place to to take the kids and grab lunch nearby afterword. ”
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Muzeum umění
“Art museum with interesting architecture and often times has cool events. Present your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card and a picture ID on the first full weekend of every month for one free general admission. https://blantonmuseum.org/”
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“Farrah Fawcett's University of Texas Art professor & mentor Charles Umlauf has a sculpture garden dedicated to his lifes work. Farrah Fawcett has a gallery inside the welcome area dedicated to her work she did prior to her acting career as well.”
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“The HOPE outdoor gallery / graffiti park is scheduled for demolition, but worth a visit while it's still here!”
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Muzeum umění
“Modern gallery with great exhibits and they always host an excellent array of artists that are constantly updated. There's a beautiful rooftop lounge that also has cold brew sometimes!”
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“Okay, back to Austin, but come on, it's the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, this man had a real impact on our nations history.The University of Texas campus is adjacent to the museum. Austin is also home to our state capital and the Bob Bullock museum all of which are relatively close to one another.”
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“Museum with many collections and Gutenberg Bible on UT campus.....this place is very special!”
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“This exhibition is in a back yard, and is one of the wildest most eclectic displays that truly embodies Austin's weirdness. ”
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Muzeum umění
“Interesting sculpture museum in the artists historic residence. Just a few blocks away right next to Shipe Park. A peaceful way to spend the afternoon.”
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Coworkingový prostor
“There is an awesome coffee shop in this warehouse building that serves organic coffee, sweets and muffins. They are eco-friendly as well. ”
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“Austin's new central library branch is definitely worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood. ”
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Muzeum umění
“Mexic-Arte is the fine art museum exhibiting works by Latinx artists. They also offer educational workshops and family-friendly events.”
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History Museum
“The French Legation is an historic legation building in eastern Austin, Texas, built in 1841 to represent the French government in the new Republic of Texas. It is among the oldest extant frame structures in Austin ”
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“Lives up to it's name, it's a pretty weird "museum" (curated collection of weird objects). Also, Johnny Depp lived here at one point.”
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