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Best things to do in Bath

Historická památka
“An amazing historic city. Visit Bath Crescent, The Roman Baths, Bath Cathedral, Bath Spa and shopping and restaurants”
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Muzeum umění
“Located at the end of Great Pultnet St, this Museum and Art Gallery is one of the best in the South West, it has a wealth of historical art and artefacts and on a regulator basis has specialist exhibitions on artists or art movements. ”
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History Museum
“For everything you would like to know about Jane Austen who lived and wrote in the city.”
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Historická památka
“Best to go early before the tourists arrive. Next to The Abbey and Pulteney Bridge, all within minutes walk.”
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“Free entry, situated at the end of Pulteney Street. They host artist exhibitions from time to time.”
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“Great collection and changing exhibitions. Hosts events during 'Bath in Fashion'.”
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“A piece of Bath history just around a few corners from the Abbey. Excellent place for a snack or High Tea.”
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“This was the social centre of Bath during the 18th Century. Also has the costume museum with guest exhibitions.”
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“The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is dedicated to the many achievements of the Herschels, who were distinguished astronomers.”
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Historická památka
“A fabulous insight into life as a Celt and a Roman living in Bath. You will learn all about the restorative benefits of the thermal waters.”
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“This explains how Bath was built and run on a daily basis including details of the city's general upkeep that I found really interesting. ”
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“Really get a feel of the people who made Bath what it is today; the eccentricity, vision and colonial history.”
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“The Assembly Rooms were at the heart of fashionable Georgian society. When completed in 1771, they were described as 'the most noble and elegant of any in the kingdom'. £10 for both museums”
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“A gem of a small museum, in a lovely part of the city. Extremely well worth a visit especially if interested in ceramics, jade and bronze”
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