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“Contemporary fresh seafood restaurant right on the beach. £ Medium to high end lunch/ dinner”
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Movie Theater
“A short walk along the seafront/ a quick taxi or bus into town. The Odeon is located directly on the seafront.”
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Convention Center
“Brighton Centre is a conference and exhibition centre, the largest of its kind in southern England, used regularly not only for conferences of the British political parties but also as a venue for entertainment such as concerts, stand up comedy, weddings, graduations, banquets etc.”
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Pivní zahrada
“Perfect for lazy summer Sundays on the seafront - grab a beer, bottle of wine or cocktail and enjoy the live music and people watching!”
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Noční klub
“Very popular nightclub with rooms for all different music tastes. Need id to get in.”
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“If you want something more selected next door in the seafront is the Metropolitan hotel where they do a free buffet for 15 pounds or they have another restaurant in the corner.”
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“Divine and amazing seafood! Our favourite place to go to. The menu's are different and unique....really piques the palate! The service is really of a high standard. Very friendly and welcoming. Will need to book in advance as to not disappoint!”
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“It's right on the sea front, fairly cheap, you get to sit in opera booths and they have an opera singer!”
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Point of Interest
“Rent a bike for as long as you need to and return it to any of BTN Bike Share locations throughout the city. The environmentally friendly way to explore Brighton & Hove. The closest location to pick up a bike is across the road just to the West of Beaches Brighton, at the start of Hove Lawns.”
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“Bars, cafes and shops line the peddle beach. Walk further into Hove to view the beach huts and Hove Lagoon.”
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Obchod s oblečením
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City Hall
“You have to go to the seafront! That's presumably why you are here. Walking between the piers is great. Check out the carousel and the fishing museum. Threading children through the doughnut sculpture was a family favourite (too big now). Trying to climb up the sculpture that looks like a wreck ship hull is also a perennial favourite.”
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“Gemini in the summer is fabulous if you want to sit by the beach and enjoy a pint or a glass of wine. It's not cheap but if you're on holiday why not!”
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