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Prozkoumej lokalitu Budapešť

Best things to do in Budapešť

“Europe's greatest synagogue - if you want to have an insight to the rich history of the Old Jewish district where the apartment is located.”
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History Museum
“One of our favorite museums in Budapest. It tells the story of the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th-century Hungary.”
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“Major place in Budapest. You’ll also find the National Gallery! It’s not really useful to visit the castle because there is not so much to see.”
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“The Hungarian National Museum is split over 3 floors and introduces Hungarian history from the Iron Age all the way through to 1990. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions. Its park is very nice and you can take a rest on their huge benches just in front of the museum (on the stairs). ”
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“The castle and surrounding area looks like something out of a fairy tale. Worth a visit especially if you like the nature views around.”
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“MuPa or MüPa, Palace of Arts. Huge modern institution at the DAnube shore with amazing Concert Halls & the contemporary Ludwig Museum.”
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Muzeum umění
“The National Gallery presents a permanent exhibition. They also propose temporary exhibitions. You can check the program on their official website.”
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“Take some time to admire the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture of this museum and enjoy their wide collection of pieces from the Middle Ages to the present day.”
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“great museum, its title 'hall of art' is a bit misleading, because what they actually display is absolutely fabulous hungarian arts & crafts like weaving, instruments, folk fashion, etc, to me this was a huge discovery!”
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Muzeum umění
“The best museum in town. Great collection of 20th-century​ contemporary art pieces.”
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Concert Hall
“The newest and largest open-air club/concert venue in budapest launched in 2012. A multi-cultural entertaining center on 11,000 m2 giving place for concerts, exhibitions, parties, dance shows and performances from every genre of art. Located at the edge of the downtown on the bank of danube right next to the palace of arts and the Rákóczi bridge.”
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“Stunning building opposite the Parliament. Marble staircases and spacious galleries, serves as a museum focusing on the way of life, culture and art of the Hungarian peasantry.”
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“If you like contemporary theater and dance, that’s the best place in Budapest. Hungarian and foreigner companies.”
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History Museum
“A really interesting venue, the Hospital in the Rock once secret and hidden military hospital built inside a natural maze of caves. Now there's a great exhibition about the lifesaving efforts during the siege of Budapest during WWII .”
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“Hungarian House of Photography - Mai Mano House. Visit for a good, authentic or contemporary exhibition!”
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“It's a fantastic design endpoint shop, the cafe part is an add-on. https://printa.hu/pages/about-us”
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