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Monument / Landmark
“Big Buddha Phuket is the landmark that is very famous in Phuket with a beautiful view around the island and a big Buddha image.”
  • Doporučuje 111 místních
Buddhist Temple
“Places for people who loves to understand different ethnicity. Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the most important Buddhist statues in which is located westerly old hall of the temple, with 2 statues of an elderly gentlemen called Ta Khee-lek (grandpa Khee-lek), a famous local who won many lotteries after consulting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue. Probably the highlight of your visit will be the Grand Pagoda which contains a small splinter from the bone of Lord Buddha.”
  • Doporučuje 84 místních
Place of Worship
“If you are in Phuket, you should visit the big Buddha. It's an incredible ride up the mountain and the views are truly stunning... If you would like a spirit be there at 6.30 h in the morning. ”
  • Doporučuje 37 místních
Point of Interest
“Amazing temple and panoramic views for Chalogn, Karon, Kata and Phuket town. The 45-m. marble Buddha statue on a mountaintop offers a cafe & gift shop.”
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“Enjoy a wonderful day at the Phuket Zoo where there are so many animals to see!”
  • Doporučuje 15 místních
Buddhist Temple
“Chalong temple is a beautiful historical temple in Phuket . It was build more than hunderd years and decorated with original Thai style. This is the place must visit.”
  • Doporučuje 15 místních
“Enjoy the fascinating bird show on the large stage.The park has over thousand birds from Asia, Africa and South America in a beautiful garden with a natural waterfall.”
  • Doporučuje 6 místních
Grocery or Supermarket
“Here you will find everything, banks, restaurants, supermarket and many more small shops.”
  • Doporučuje 14 místních
“One of the best dolphins show. 3 times a day better to book a seat in advance.”
  • Doporučuje 8 místních
Miscellaneous Shop
“Healthy salad menus made from real organic home-grown vegetables. Good coffee to start your day.”
  • Doporučuje 18 místních
“Located on “The Soi” in the Chalong area, Phuket, Thailand lies the world-renowned Tiger Muay Thai & MMA with currently no officially affiliated gyms or second locations. The globe’s biggest and most recognized Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness Training Camp and Destination Gym”
  • Doporučuje 19 místních
“On Tuesdays and Fridays 7pm-9pm are Latin dance classes and social dance after, details available on The Green Man Pub Facebook page. For nights of fun and delicious pizzas, the English Tudor with the authentic old English gentleman is the place to go! Love it because its has not a ounce of sleaziness and is one of the local expats family hangouts. Wednesdays nights are wine tasting, fun and games.”
  • Doporučuje 7 místních
Real Estate Agency
“Phuket's Big Buddha is one of the island's most important and revered landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, it is easily seen from far away. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island, with sweeping vistas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon beaches, Chalong Bay and more.) Easily reachable via a six-kilometre road leading from Phuket's main artery route, it is a must-visit island destination.”
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Nákupní centrum
“A big duty-free shopping mall in Phuket . There are many shops and brands around the world.”
  • Doporučuje 13 místních
Grocery or Supermarket
“It is a big supermarket where you can everything. There are cafes and restaurants as well.”
  • Doporučuje 9 místních
“rum distillery, along with cocktail workshops & an open-air bar serving drinks & tapas.”
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