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Základní služby v destinaci Chiang Mai

“good food and drink with live music ”
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“Open: Daily Hours: 10am to 9pm Best way to get there: 1-minute walk (85 metres) Map: Refer to our Custom Google Map for accurate directions: https://goo.gl/r6SiOo Facebook: We also have more info and photos in our Facebook Photo Album dedicated to this local spot: Coming Soon”
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“The nearest hospital with the professional doctor.”
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“Night Market for souvenirs and food. Open every day in the evening from 6pm to 11pm”
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“รวมของชำ ของใช้ส่วนตัวไว้ที่นี่”
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“Nearest 7-eleven store ”
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Prodejna lihovin
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“Place to stock up your necessities.”
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“Good experience here as a foreigner. Fast service, knowledgeable doctor with good English, and quite cheap. They have a streamlined process that involves registration where they copy your passport and put you in the system, understanding your ailment, forwarding you to the right place for treatment (e.g. wound care unit), then sending you back to the cashier for payment. They have English and Thai forms to fill out. Their understanding of the English language is okay. Between writing down the problem and saying the right keywords, you can get pretty far. ”
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“The private hospital which has great service and they speak English.”
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“Large budget friendly grocery store”
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