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Co podniknout v destinaci Kodaň

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

Theme Park
“Lots of beautiful flowers and lights. Magical rides and good places to eat or just a walk through or catch some performance on the way.”
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“The free city in Copenhagen with concerts, lectures, cafes, bars, beautiful scenery and Pusher Street, where marijuana is sold. A lot of loose dogs, but they never harm anyone.”
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Občerstvení na nákupním středisku
“Food court with great selections in food, wine, spirits, bakery, sweets, flowers, butcher, eateries, etc.”
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“Assistens Kirkegård er en aktiv kirkegård, men også et grønt åndehul og et kulturelt skatkammer. ”
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“Kødbyen/Meatpacking destrict - trendy and many good resturants and bars. Also if you want to go dancing at night. Fiskebaren (seafood and wine), Tommys Burger Joint (Best burger), NOHO (Good sharefood and nightclub) Warepigs (Good local beer) Mother (Best pizza) Jolene (Hand-beer and dance, Vesterbro style) ”
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“Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken (on the other side of the road Roskildevej) are beautiful parks surrounding the zoo. You may see the elephants in the zoo from Frederiksberg Have. During sommer Danes are enjoying the sun, walking their dogs, playing games and having picnics and parties in these parks.”
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“Take a walk along the made beach, enjoy an outside game, go kayaking, take a swim or just enjoy the sportful place.”
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Monument / Landmark
“A popular tourist attraction. But be warned -- she's smaller than you think :-) ”
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“Perfect for a run or if you want to play football with the kids. There is also various playgrounds to find here. ”
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Muzeum umění
“Feeling cultural for a day? Have look at the beautiful works of famous artists in the Danish Museum of Arts. ”
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“The queen's castle and home. Make sure to see when her guards have their shift if possible.”
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“Beautiful park and ideal for a walk towards the city center. It also has a nice little playground for the kids. ”
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“If you are into animals and nice zoos (I am), this is the place to go to. The zoo is constantly being upgraded to provide as close to nature environments as possible. During spring 2019 the zoo will recieve a couple of Pandas which are the talk of town amongst animal lovers. The zoo is not only for fun. A lot of research takes place and the visitors are invited to participate in various activities. These are popular, so book in advance: https://www.zoo.dk/en//?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1dbpwKGp4AIV1-eaCh2kGAicEAAYASAAEgLAa_D_BwE There's a nice cafeteria with decent food inside the zoo and a shop with the cutest toy animals. ”
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Skandinávská restaurace
“Nordic bistro. Focus on seasonal vegetables (though not strictly vegetarian) and nature/no-sulfite wine. Try their excellent tartar. ”
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