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Best things to do in Detroit

Muzeum umění
“Very impressive collection, you'll be amazed! The museum is open later on Friday nights and hosts free musical performances in front of the iconic Detroit Industry Murals in Rivera court and various arts activities. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy some unique sounds.”
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History Museum
“Nicknamed "Hitsville USA", Barry Gordy purchased this home in 1959 as a recording studio. The rest is history.... see the small museum, home and even sing along.”
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History Museum
“Lots of very interesting things to do here. Greenfield Village is an outdoor park loaded with lots of historical buildings. The Henry Ford Museum provides unique indoor educational experiences based on authentic artifacts and stories from America's traditions of ingenuity and innovation. There is also an IMAX movie theater there. Located about 30 minutes from Northville. ”
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“The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art environment in the heart of an urban area and a Detroit based community organization with a mission to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. Neighborhood with eclectic art installations made from items found around the community. Very strange but interesting!”
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Muzeum umění
“It's an engaging contemporary art gallery and performance space as well as an art museum. But check out some of these galleries below, too! All are open late the third Thursday each month - see "Art Detroit Now" for a map of special events... Simone DeSousa + N’Namdi + Holding House + Library Street Collective + Hatch + Inner State + Trinosophes + Public Pool + Popps Packing + Red Bull House of Art ”
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History Museum
“This is a truly unique chance to step into the past and see some of the turn of the century inventors...”
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Obchod s dárkovými předměty
“This is THE place to go to get your tasteful boutique-style Michigan goods. The surrounding area has a great vibe and some good local breweries and restaurants.”
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“A hub for the creative class. Great place to sketch or get some writing done with primo coffee and sandwiches.”
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History Museum
“This will give you a nice overall history of Detroit. Also really great for kids. ”
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Science Museum
“Science & technology museum for kids offers interactive exhibits, a planetarium, shows & a cafe.”
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“African Bead Museum and MBAD outdoor gallery. Dabls creates and curates amazing mosaics, sculptures and installations reflecting cultural experience of Africans and African-Americans.”
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“Open on Saturdays 11-3ish during the Eastern Market, special events and openings on Friday nights are legit. I made a good friend during her stay in residency here and we own two of her drawings you might see! @katyanngilmore”
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“It's the only Museum in the USA dedicated to Arab American Culture and History.”
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Zahrada soch
“Off-the beaten path art park. Full of many graffiti murals and art installations. ”
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“The Detroit Historical Museum is located at 5401 Woodward Avenue in the city's Cultural Center Historic District in Midtown Detroit”
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