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Prozkoumej lokalitu Edinburgh

Best things to do in Edinburgh

“A fantastic place to take the kids, with loads of stuff to do. Especially good on a rainy day! Free entry.”
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“A world-class modern art gallery, and for reasons unknown seemingly missed by the majority of tourists. Don't make their mistake! It's free, and the surroundings are utterly stunning. ”
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“If you are not keen on spending time viewing some great paintings then go just to see the building. The entrance hall, stairs and floor landings are simply beautiful. ”
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Science Museum
“Think fairground hall of mirrors meets 21st -century tech. Anythings possible in this world of visual trickery. Incredible fun for all ages. ”
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Loď nebo trajekt
“Step aboard this famous ship and follow in the footsteps of Royalty. Explore Britannia’s five decks with our free audio guide, available in 30 languages, as well as a children’s tour and British Sign Language tablet. From the elegant State Apartments to the gleaming Engine Room. See where Prince William and Prince Harry spent their summer holidays. Discover where kings and queens, world leaders and celebrities were wined and dined; from Frank Sinatra and Liz Taylor to Nelson Mandela and Sir Winston Churchill. ”
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Science Museum
“Dynamic Earth, a five star visitor attraction in Edinburgh that tells the story of the planet Earth. Dynamic Earth is worth a visit as it interactive, informative and loads of fun. ”
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Loď nebo trajekt
“The Queen's former yacht, docked at Ocean Terminal shopping centre, about 20 minutes' walk from the apartment.”
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“Learn about how whisky is made and try a wee dram. The restaurant, Amber, has a delicious selection of traditional Scottish food.”
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“Fruitmarket Gallery is a public art gallery that features rotating temporary exhibitions from both Scottish and international contemporary artists.”
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“The Surgeons’ Hall Museums consists of three joined museums (admission includes all three): the Wohl Pathology Museum, the History of Surgery Museum and The Dental Collection. This unusual museum complex includes one of the largest collection of surgical pathology in the world, including the collections of surgeons Sir Charles Bell and John Barclay. Sir Charles Bell was actually credited by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as being an inspiration for the character of Sherlock Holmes. Originally founded as a teaching museum for students of medicine, it is now open to the public. The collection ranges from the informative and unusual to gruesome and macabre!”
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Běžná zábava
“An 80 minute tour through 1000 years of Scottish history via 2 underground rides and 11 live shows. ”
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“Arts venue and studio space hosting various events from concerts and performances to vintage sales. Check out their listings for more info”
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“An amazing Victorian building with a huge, beautiful hall and lots of interesting things to see. Bring lots of time or, as it's free, nip in and out at your leisure : )”
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History Museum
“Reproductions of the city's social and industrial history in a cluster of fine historic buildings.”
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