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Co podniknout v destinaci Flagstaff

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

“At Lowell Observatory, History and Science come together! Guided tours of the historic campus give visitors a chance to explore the famous path Clyde Tombaugh took the night he discovered Pluto. Experience the cosmos though widescreen multimedia shows, exhibits, and live presentations. Daily safe viewing of the Sun and nightly stargazing are offered during favorable weather. A family friendly venue, Lowell Observatory allows everyone to explore the history of the universe, as well as modern science research.”
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“The oldest coffee shop in town... at least to my knowledge. Hippie atmosphere and great coffee. They make amazing gluten free and vegan pastries. ”
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Snídaňové bistro
“The best breakfast spot in Flagstaff. The plates are big, so don't be afraid to share if you're not a big eater.”
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“Walnut Canyon National Monument preserves some of the Southwest's earliest history. Located 10 miles Southeast of Flagstaff, these incredible ruins are shockingly intact and preserved by the park service for anyone to enjoy. The canyon surrounding them in 600 ft. deep and was created by Walnut Creek.”
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“Do not miss this important cultural and naturally gorgeous museum and grounds!”
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Burger restaurace
“For a highly ranked burger, try Diablo Burger! They specialize in serving great burgers 'differently'. Their fries are amazing and their burgers are to order with a wide variety of sauces and toppings. It is mouth watering and hard to wrap your mouth around but well worth the try!!!”
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Latinsko-americká restaurace
“Criollo Latin Kitchen specializes in hand-crafted, Latin-inspired, and locally sourced food. We feature weekend brunch and weekday happy hour menus.”
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“This is our family's favorite restaurant in Flag and it has Vegan options that are worth a try. The atmosphere is casual and laid back, very Flagstaff like with a large variety of food. ”
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“Easy flat hike with good views of the mountain. Par fitness course. Frisbee golf course also!”
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“Coffee shop by day, cocktail bar at night. Classy and located in one of the oldest hotels in Flagstaff. Ghosts and all. ”
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“Fabulous gourmet pizza. Eat outside at MotherRoad Brewery next door in the summer and order from the Pizzicletta menu!”
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Americká restaurace
“Part restaurant, part bakery, part local hub! Tourist Home provides counter service breakfast and lunch starting at 6 a.m., a casual dinner menu after 3 p.m., and stays open until 8 p.m. Enjoy made-to-order hot breakfast items (including the BEST breakfast burrito around), soups, salads, sandwiches, espresso drinks, beer, wine, mimosas and bloody marys. Join friends for conversation or sip hot coffee with a fresh pastry over today’s newspaper. Delicious creations by Master Pastry Chef Kat Biemann will bring you back time and again.”
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“Great microbrews in the heart of downtown. Sit by the window and let the kids watch the trains pass by. ”
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Italská restaurace
“Eat outside on the great patio! Everything here is yummy and the grilled veggies are the best!”
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Další skvělé venkovní lokality
“Adventure/ropes course with zip lines at the Coconino County Fairgrounds ten minutes from downtown Flagstaff. There is a kids course and an adult course. Each has minimum height requirements.”
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“Right in the heart of downtown, the Orpheum Theater is a cool little venue for live concerts, movies, and other events. You can check out their calendar here: https://www.orpheumflagstaff.com/calendar/. ”
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