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Prozkoumej lokalitu Narragansett

Best things to do in Narragansett

“Great history of the neighborhood with lots of events through the summer. There are also great hiking trails in back ”
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“Community theater, art gallery, & live music performances in the historic Washington County Courthouse building. The newest mission of this non-profit organization involves inclusion programs for autistic, learning delayed and down-syndrome children. They offer low-cost rentals for fundraising, weddings, arts and music programs and more. Gallery openings occur monthly, usually near the beginning of the month. The Courthouse supports local musicians, allowing their space to be used for recordings and band rehearsals. ”
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“from Hera's website: "Founded in Wakefield, Rhode Island in 1974, Hera Gallery/Hera Educational Foundation was a pioneer in the development of alternative exhibition spaces across the country in the 70s. Hera Gallery was one of the earliest women’s cooperative galleries in the US and is unusual in having been established in a non-urban setting. Although many of these galleries no longer exist, Hera is proud to have not only continued but also expanded our programs, exhibitions, and events".”
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Muzeum umění
“South County’s oldest museum was founded in 1892 by local businessman Rowland Hazard. It has resided since 1930 in its picturesque Southwest Mission-style gallery in the Peace Dale Office Building. The museum’s mission is to preserve, collect, and exhibit objects from pre-industrial societies around the world and to serve the community through cultural enrichment outreach.”
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Medical Center
“Listed on the National Historic Register, the Old Washington County Jail has served as a museum for more than fifty years. Originally constructed in the 1790’s, the first jail at this location was a wooden structure with cells upstairs for prisoners and quarters downstairs where the jailer and his family lived. In 1858, the existing two-story granite cell block replaced the old wooden structure. The South County History Center, founded in 1958, operates a museum, archive and genealogy library here The mission is to preserve and interpret the material culture of South County through exhibits and study collections. ”
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College Library
“The University of Rhode Island's main library. The Special Collections Department includes 6,075 linear feet of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century material, including ferryboat, mill, oyster bed and fishery records, personal and political papers, store ledgers, journals, and weather statistics. The collection also contains over 137,500 photographs from 1889 to the present.”
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