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Co podniknout v destinaci Ghent

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

Belgická restaurace
“the best in the high end segment. Must-do if you’re a foodie. Make a reservation.”
22doporučeno v místě
“Flower market on Sundays. A weekly event. Also, apero with oysters during the market. ”
29doporučeno v místě
“Great food, great drinks. Used to be a slaughterhouse and has maintained that specific interior.”
20doporučeno v místě
“Very good pizzas with surprising toppings, all in a non traditional setting. Take away is also possible.
Make a reservation to be sure of a table!
20doporučeno v místě
“Books and coffee... retreat in your pages of your favourite new book and sip a coffee... ”
24doporučeno v místě
“My personal favorite one! This is a real local thing. Families from here go there, older people, artists...A great mixture. You can go and eat something, or drink something or go and read a paper or work on the laptop. Very open for everyone and everything. Not a lot of choice of the menu but really nice honest food. They also have a lovely veggy dish every day. Simple place but with a big heart.”
15doporučeno v místě
“If you want to eat a bit more fancy go to Volta... :) OR if you like to drink a cocktail, they have a beautiful bar upstairs... Enjoy!”
22doporučeno v místě
Jazzový klub
“This nice little bar is quite popular with locals, and with good reason. A very good selection of wines, served by bartenders who know what they’re talking about. ”
17doporučeno v místě
Pivní bar
“Café met een goed gevarieerde bierkaart en authentiek interieur. Meer dan 250 bieren, bijna allemaal belgisch! 11 bieren van het vat. Voor een gezellige avond en een lekker biertje, onder het toeziend oog van de trollen...Café with a well-varied beer menu and authentic interior. More than 250 beers, almost all belgian! 11 beers from the barrel. For a nice evening and a nice beer, under the watchful eye of the trolls ...Café avec un menu de bière bien varié et intérieur authentique. Plus de 250 bières, presque toutes belges! 11 bières du canon. Pour une bonne soirée et une bonne bière, sous l'œil vigilant des trolls.”
18doporučeno v místě
“A bit strange when you first walk in, but the atmosphere is really fantastic! Go there to have a drink... ”
22doporučeno v místě
Place of Worship
“St Peter’s Abbey presents historio-cultural, literary and photographic exhibitions at national and international level.”
16doporučeno v místě
“Very small bakery with just about the best bread in Gent... really worth a visit!”
19doporučeno v místě
Gril bar
“An excellent and cosy place for all you can eat spare ribs! Also in the most authentic part of Ghent.”
16doporučeno v místě
Muzeum umění
“Cuz it is worth seeing . they exhibit quite a lot of art pieces from Fmous Belgian artists Eugène Boch, James Ensor...luuuvvv”
9doporučeno v místě
Občerstvení na nákupním středisku
“Indoor international food market. The 16th century Baudelo Chapel – previously a church, cloister, library and arts campus – is now a temple to gastronomy with its own bar. Stop by for delicious street food – from a croquette stall to Japanese or Russian delicacies – and maybe for seafood or oysters. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. You will be spoiled for choice at the bar with cocktails and a wide range of beers on tap. On Thursday, Saturday and Monday evenings, the Holy Food Market is transformed into an exclusive dance club.”
14doporučeno v místě
“Ghent's first coffee bar! Nowadays coffee bars are everywhere but this is first coffee bar in Ghent. It is right in the city centre and has been serving excellent coffee since the very beginning, which can also be purchased and is always topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a table in this small bar, but it has become custom to join other coffee lovers at their tables. Cosiness at its best!”
26doporučeno v místě