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Best things to do in Gothenburg Municipality

Science Museum
“Check out the place on the internet. Really good and you can easily spend a day here. Good for both adults and children.”
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“Contemporary art venue, located by the water in a hipster area. Perfect for a visit and then a stroll around the neighbourhood. They also have a restaurant with a good vegan selection.”
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“The art collection is one of the finest in Northern Europe with significant Nordic and international artwork. Among the collections you'll find masterpieces by Albert Edelfelt, Ernst Josephson, P.S. Krøyer, Carl Larsson, Bruno Liljefors, Edvard Munch, Anders Zorn, Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet, Picasso Chagall and others. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions, family activities, lectures, workshops, guided tours, a shop and a café. Gothenburg Museum of Art has three stars in the Michelin Green Guide. ”
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Historická památka
“Skansen Kronan är en försvarsanläggning från slutet av 1600-talet på Risåsberget i Göteborg.[1] Den är statligt byggnadsminne sedan den 25 januari 1935[2][3] och används i dag som festlokal, kafé samt för olika publika evenemang. Byggnaden reser sig 87 meter över havet, och är 33 meter hög.”
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“Normalt sett GRATIS! :) Varierande utställningar, men ofta något som kan vara värt ett besök. ”
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Tech Startup
“Följ Göteborgs historia från en befäst stad på 1600-talet, via 1700-talets nya idéer och 1800-talets tillväxt till en modern industri- och hamnstad. Här finns även Sveriges enda utställda vikingaskepp, Äskekärrsskeppet. ”
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“http://gunneboslott.se/en/ https://www.facebook.com/gunneboslott/ A castle with castle garden from the 1770s. There is a café, restaurant, shop, dramatized guided tours of the castle and guided tours of the orangery and castle theater.”
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History Museum
“One ot the big museums of Göteborg. The entrance is SEK60, but a year-pass costs SEK100 and grants you access to the other big ones - Göteborgs konstmuseum, Göteborgs stadsmuseum and Röhsska museet.”
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“Great exhibitions on local and international art, design fashion. A great stop on a rainy day!”
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“The Volvo Museum is in Gothenburg, Sweden. It covers the development of Sweden's leading vehicle manufacturer Volvo, from the first ÖV 4 to the current cars, trucks, buses and other products.”
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“In the historic cultural facility Aeroseum displayed aviation history and development. Everything from Icarus to today's modern aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft. Civil, military, national and international. Vehiclar presented. Aeroseum is an experiential activity center where you will be able to experience the atmosphere and feel of flying vehicles with all their senses. In addition to the visitors get to see all these items, they may also have the opportunity to build, restore, fly virtual and even fly true with old planes and helicopters. In the scenic area that is located on top of the mountain the plant keeps a focus on knowledge of flying park construction. The exhibitions presented in experience-based, experimental and educational form. We want to encourage children and young people's interest in technology and science. Aeroseum offers experiences that had not previously been available to the public, including the flight of vintage aircraft and helicopters.”
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“Maritiman is a floating maritime museum on the Göta Älv, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The museum's collection comprises 19 vessels, the oldest being HSwMS Sölve from 1875”
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“Its a huge library with cosy atmosphere and you can play boardgames for free, and eat food read books.”
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“This is a really nice cafe, they have a lot of different coffees and also there grilled croissants are amazing!”
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History Museum
“Food , ocean, history, drinks, day / night ! Take the trip it is worth it! Contact Västkustlinjen ! ”
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“Museum of Medical History; hosts a number of fascinating exhibitions and gives a critical perspective of Gothenburg's medical history”
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