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Nech si poradit od místních, kteří se tady dobře vyznají, a prohlédni si památky i skryté klenoty, díky nimž je město jedinečné.

“A short walk from Riad Bakara this historic palace is worth visiting but maybe avoid the heat of the day in summer as there isn't much shade! Entry is about €7 per person”
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Point of Interest
“Amazingly intricate and impressive marble and wood decoration, the tombs of the Saadian dynasty are an important part of Marrakech's cultural legacy and very beautiful. 12 minutes walk from the riad”
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“Yes, it is a cafe, but it shows under the "Arts and Culture" section as it is dedicated to promoting Moroccan arts and culture. From traditional singing (and dancing!) to preserving the old art of storytelling, their cultural program is rich and well worth a visit.”
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“Not my favorite, but definitely a great place to have a beer in the Médina.”
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“Any Moroccan tour is not complete without a visit to a hammam or bath house. Indulge in some pampering with a good exfoliation rich in Moroccan natural beauty products paired with a massage to moisture your new baby skin. Guaranteed bliss.”
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Další skvělé venkovní lokality
“A La Porte du"Mellah" Ancien Ghetto Juif. Nouvellement restauré pas son excellence le ROI du Maroc. Un ancien quartier avec des échoppes multicolores et abordables. et proche des Palais Badi et Bahia.Sur la Terrasse du KosyBar on apperçoit les les nids de cigognes.Vue Magnifique sur Marrakech.”
  • Doporučuje 16 místních
“This is a lovely Riad in the medina that also has restaurant open for non-residents and a heated swimming pool. They have a Sunday brunch for 295dh per person including access to the heated swimming pool (excluding drinks). Very nice atmosphere, friendly staff and lovely food. Plus it is a useful reference point to tell a driver where to be dropped off (only about 100m walking from the door).”
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“Lovely view from the rooftop and nice little menu with fresh ingredients. Perfect for a quiet lunch or a little break while touring the medina. It can get quite busy during peak lunch hour (12h to 14h) so keep that in mind to avoid waiting for a table.”
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Point of Interest
“Located directly next to the Kasbah mosque go and visit the Saadien tombs to see & discover the history of one of the great Dynasties of Morocco's past.”
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Marocká restaurace
“The kasbah is very close and is the cleanest districts in the south medina. ”
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“Bab Agnaou is one of the nineteen gates of Marrakech. It was built in the 12th century in the time of the Almoahod dynasty.”
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Jewelry Store
“MUST VISIT! 5 entire floors of arts & crafts, with prices on tags! Your de-facto choice to buy souvenirs.”
  • Doporučují3 místní
“Un lieu de détente où l'on appréciera le calme, le hammam, les différents soins de corps et visage, et les différents massages.”
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Point of Interest
“Comfortable and beautiful spa in great area. A bit touristy, but this is a familiar setting for most people and recommended for people who want a more typical spa experience.”
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“Nice spot to get a taxi into other parts of the medina or parts of the city outside the medina. Also a nice place to be dropped off by a taxi or driver.”
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Place of Worship
“Les tombeaux datent de l'époque du grand sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Saadi (1578-1603). A voir !”
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