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Natural Feature
“Mountain trek over Khao Kalok, long and wide bay, local temple, seafood restaurants with views of local fishing boats”
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“This walk over the headland will delight you with some impressive views of the natural coastline. The walk is split into two sections, around 45 minutes each, divided by a beautiful, secluded beach. Stop at the beach to take it easy or otherwise brave the full distance. This is not for the weak of heart! It's quite tough in places! PLEASE WEAR APPROPRIATE WALKING SHOES, WEAR SUNSCREEN, A HAT AND PLENTY OF WATER. ”
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Place of Worship
“This Wat (Thai Temple) is a quiet peaceful place to visit. The smaller Wat to the North is a place to give offerings of incense, candles and flowers. Across the street is a pond area with pre-historic turtles and catfish. There is another secret surprise which I will tell you about if you come stay (I was asked not to tell too many people).”
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“Thaao Ko Sa Forest Park. This is a very beautiful stretch of beach. The main attraction here apart from the beach is the mountain known as Skull Mountain ( Khao Kalok ) with it's raised natural rock a”
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Německá restaurace
“(900 meters on the 2nd Road ) If they are busy, you might have to wait for food quite a bit. The “Dirk and Dang” husband and wife’s team’s Schnitzel Wirtin which we affectionately call the “Schnitzel Castle “ is rapidly becoming the “must visit” place, in off-beat PranBuri away from the noisy motorcycle race-track, speed-bumped main seafront road. It’s quite easy to find, especially if you have just swanned in along the sea front, near Koa Kalok or driven in North from Hua Hin. German sausages (the real thing), thai tom yum, It’s always served piping hot and always tasty. Unpretentious food. Meatballs, vienna potatoes salad, all the good schnitzels. Thai food is also very good and simple.”
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“Budget local fisherman restaurant with great beach and wonderful atmosphere !!”
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Point of Interest
“Not for the faint-hearted! You will find yourself squeezed between large rocks and clutching onto ropes to go up and down, but along the way you'll discover small caves and the view from the top is truly stunning. To get to the lookout point, take the trail on your left (starting from the road). For a shorter trail that does not go all the way up, go to the right. Do take a water bottle and good shoes. There is now also a trail to a quiet beach, to the East side of the mountain.”
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“From our villa 200 meter on the beach, you can walk to this ocean front hotel's restaurant. The food is very decent, they also make quite good burger. They take time to cook the food though, be careful if you are hungry. The restaurant is quite nice to sit to enjoy its atmosphere.”
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