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Nech si poradit od místních, kteří se tady dobře vyznají, a prohlédni si památky i skryté klenoty, díky nimž je město jedinečné.

Obchod s elektronikou
“Renowned throughout the world as one of Los Angeles’ most walkable and unique vintage shopping, dining and entertainment destinations.”
  • Doporučuje 137 místních
Tour Provider
“This is literally just down the street from me. Great way to see how movies are made. ”
  • Doporučuje 100 místních
Farmers Market
“Larchmont is a half-square-mile neighborhood in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California. Larchmont is notable for its quaint old-town shopping street and well-maintained historic homes. It has four schools and one small park”
  • Doporučuje 68 místních
  • 1 zážitek
Vegetariánská/Veganská restaurace
“My favorite vegan restaurant. Very sweet servers and leaves you feeling inspired! ”
  • Doporučuje 136 místních
“Fabulous boutiques very unique clothing items you won't find in most clothing stores. There's also a ton of cool walls you can take pictures in front of.”
  • Doporučuje 44 místních
“Good coffee within walking distance. SUPER HIP. Great outdoor hangout spot in the back.”
  • Doporučuje 77 místních
Retro bar
“This is a one of a kind hidden gem in koreatown. Good luck finding your way inside! hundreds of keyholes and you will need to find the right one to unlock into this hidden bar.”
  • Doporučuje 47 místních
  • 1 zážitek
Prodejna zmrzliny
“Salt and Straw may not be an LA original (thank you again, Portland), but it’s still the best ice cream being served in the city. Just don’t expect to come here looking for your simple scoop of chocolate. Flavors at Salt and Straw range from exotic to straight-up unheard of. Roasted strawberry coconut, avocado and Oaxacan fudge, and a black olive brittle and goat cheese that will change what you thought was possible for ice cream. And now with five locations citywide, you’re never far away from one.”
  • Doporučuje 62 místních
Italská restaurace
“Best Chicken Parmesean on the planet! Walkable in 10 minutes: go north on Ridewood, left on Elmwood, right on Van Ness and right on Melrose. Don't walk on Wilton, it's got traffic and construction.”
  • Doporučuje 47 místních
Prodejna sendvičů
“I'm not sure why it's only giving me pics of Starbucks to choose from, but this little wine shop has an amazing little deli with lunch sandwiches to beat the band. They only serve until they run out of bread and they always do, so get in there and check it out!”
  • Doporučuje 59 místních
“For artisanal coffee, try Go Get Em Tiger, a favorite among the hipster crowd. Walkable in 15 minutes.”
  • Doporučuje 48 místních
“For a very special occasion. Tasting menu only except Friday lunches. Reservations required. You will not be disappointed!”
  • Doporučuje 40 místních
Farmers Market
“Sundays 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. You can go early to get first dibs on the fresh produce. The Larchmont area is super cute, too. It's a fun experience with great products/produce.”
  • Doporučuje 32 místních
Koktejlový bar
“A hidden Gem best visited after 9pm this is one of the few spots nearby that gets better as the night goes on. Suited for adults, this venue offers great drinks, entertainment and a crepe cafe in a streetcar hidden in the back.”
  • Doporučuje 35 místních
Americká restaurace
“Amazing food! Great desserts, and different kinds of lemonade. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly food. But they also have wonderful meat dishes!”
  • Doporučuje 40 místních
Obchod s elektronikou
“Luxury one of a kind shops, cute coffee shops, Instagram hot spots, cute boozy brunch patios”
  • Doporučuje 7 místních
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