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Co podniknout v destinaci Manhattan

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

“Very large park with many trails to follow. Great for strolling, biking, running.”
1856doporučeno v místě
“An elevated train track turned walking park in the famous meatpacking and chelsea area.”
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Muzeum umění
“Sit on the steps or wander the different installations. One of my favorite places to wander around on a weekday while everyone else is at work. ”
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“The most famous pizza in NYC Ask what pizza they don't have on the menu Get the salad with the dried mushrooms. My God ”
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“A total tourist trap that most locals avoid, but definitely worth a quick visit. Nighttime is the only time to go. Spend a few minutes looking around, take some pictures, and then go to the North end of the triangular pedestrian island located at Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets, and listen: you'll hear Max Neuhaus' sound sculpture, "Times Square" wafting up through the grates, which it's been doing since 1977. Most people walk right over it without knowing! Check it out! And then get the hell out of Times Square! ”
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Muzeum umění
“Best of the best. I don't spend much time uptown, but MoMA is worth the trip. While you're there, you might as well visit Central Park.”
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“This is a must for all visitors. seafood, tacos, groceries, French restaurant, Pizza, Korean noodle shop, sushi, wine, bakery, ice cream and lots more. All under one roof!”
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Science Museum
“The Museum of Natural History always has stunning and life-like exhibits that will blow you away. Take the M-79 cross town bus and it is just on the other side of Central Park.”
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Jižanská/afro-americká restaurace
“Red Rooster serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of the neighborhood. Named in honor of the legendary Harlem speakeasy that attracted neighborhood folk, jazz greats, authors, politicians and some of the most noteworthy figures of the 20th century such as Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Nat King Cole and James Baldwin. ”
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“The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. At the time, it was the longest suspension bridge. Must see place.”
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“One of the best known of New York City's 1,900 public parks, it is a landmark as well as a meeting place and center for cultural activity. New York University's campus and building's surround the park. Great place to go in the summer to people watch, have lunch, and listen to live music.”
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Movie Theater
“Don't miss the chance to have a delicious brunch, dinner, or midnight meal served to you ​while watching a flick at Nitehawk Cinema.”
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“Fantastic, iconic old deli… just don't expect the best service and there's usually a long wait!”
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“On a clear day a visit to the top of this icon is totally worth the wait. The crisp, clear days of fall and winter are the best (it's less crowded, too) but any time the weather is clear will afford breathtaking views; the building itself is gorgeous as well. As with most popular tourist spots, it's better to get there early in the day. ”
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“Calling this simply a park does not do it justice. The Brooklyn Bridge Park wraps around the waterfront to the north and west of DUMBO and features greenspaces, city views, jogging and biking trails, sports areas, playgrounds, art installations, food vendors, and shopping. You can spend the whole day there and we sometimes do! You can check out the website to see if there are any scheduled events happening, or you can hop on the water ferry and ride across to Manhattan for the price of a subway ticket!”
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Gurmánský obchod
“EATALY -- where even real Italians go! There is a variety of restaurants and shopping of imported Italian products, like meats, cheeses, wines, oils, etc. SECRET- There is also a rooftop restaurant and bar!”
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