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Best things to do in Newcastle

“Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm - Open 7 days during NSW school holidays and Public Holidays”
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“Learn about the history of protecting the coastline during the war years with a visit to the museum on site.”
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“A large collection of Australian art is housed here, as well as visiting exhibitions from Australia and overseas.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“The views of the beaches and history of our Anzacs are displayed along this bridge”
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“You can visit Nobby's Lighthouse grounds from 10.00am - 4.00pm every Sunday for sweeping views of the city and harbour.”
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Nákupní centrum
“A small shopping centre that is easy to get to with plenty of parking. this centre has Coles and Woollworths, take away shops, cafes, Big W, a great Newsagency, hairdresser etc.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Stunning 360 degree views of Newcastle can be seen from here especially when the whales are on the move”
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“Music, food, functions, lunch or dinner and late evenings on the harbour. I love listening to the ships" horns as they come and go.”
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“Popular, bohemian establishment with a wooden chandelier, serving hearty cafe cuisine and coffee.”
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“The Civic Theatre features all types of entertainment - ballet, music, musical theatre and comedy.”
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“A man made pool first used for infantry, currently restored and in use today.”
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“Another fabulous venue with a view of Newcastle Beach. Meaning 'rural' in Italian, Rustica was inspired by the social style of Mediterranean dining and the spice of North African cuisine.”
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Prodejna lihovin
“Beer lover? This funky restored warehouse venue showcases Australian craft beer and serves American pub style food. It was built in 1885 as the grain and keg storage facility for Tooheys Brewery. There are 21 craft beers on tap - 100 per cent Australian brewed and independently owned.”
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“Great for a Picnic. King Edward Park was dedicated as a recreation reserve in 1863. Within the grounds was a bowling green and the Obelisk, built as a navigational marker in 1850; the focal point is a Victorian rotunda. The park has spectacular ocean views, Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden usually ablaze of colour. On the southern boundary are the remains of the Shepherds Hill Battery and Gunner's Cottage which were in regular use from 1890 to World War II. The park also has links with Newcastle's penal past, with the Bogey Hole (or convict hewn ocean bathing pool) at the foot of the eastern cliff face. A popular place for family picnics and barbecues, and now a movie venue in summer”
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