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Best things to do in Niš

Nákupní centrum
“Kalča is another shopping mall where you can find many diferent shops for everyone taste.”
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“The National Library is considered to have been founded in 1879, when a group of grammar school teachers established a library and a reading room within the school, available not only to students but also to all citizens of Nis. On 13 May 1894, Nis Bishop Jeronim Jovanovic bequeathed to the city his building and 2,000 books, of mainly religious topics. During his lifetime, Stevan Sremac bequeathed 770 of his own books to the library, and they became part of its funds in 1908. Only after the reconstruction and renewal after the flood in 1948. did the library start to develop again, enriching its funds and becoming an important element in the cultural life of the city.”
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