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Nech si poradit od místních, kteří se tady dobře vyznají, a prohlédni si památky i skryté klenoty, díky nimž je město jedinečné.

“Go Irish! Visit the Grotto, the Basilica, stop by the Stadium and take a photo in front of the Library (Touchdown Jesus).”
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“Free museum across from ND stadium (north end); great exhibits, friendly staff.”
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“Was at the UGA/ Notre Dame game last weekend along with 40K friends. If your team ever plays in South Bend do what you have to and attend. It's an experience that my family will always remember with great fondness. The ND fans are classy and welcoming, the stadium was first rate, the traditions are off the charts, and the beauty of the campus was incredible. ”
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“The beauty of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is something every visitor to the Notre Dame campus should experience.”
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Performing Arts Venue
“On ND campus great center with multiple venues. Excellent cinema with fantastic mix of films.”
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“A beautiful replica of our lady of the Lourdes. A spiritual and reflective place that's a must see.”
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Rezidenční budova (apartmán/byt)
“The Golden Dome and Notre Dame campus are second to none. Enjoy all it has to offer.”
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Americká restaurace
“Located on the Campus of Notre Dame there is no better place to experience the tradition of the Fighting Irish!”
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Book Store
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Point of Interest
“So much to see here , my favorite is the Grotto and by all means go to the Basilica it BEAUTIFUL !! Again lot's to choose from.”
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Natural Feature
“Walking around the lakes at ND is nice. You can usually drive right to them if you tell the guard shack you are heading in to see the ducks/walk around for a bit.”
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“Where Notre Dame's the golden dome rests. Near both on campus lakes and great area to walk.”
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College Library
“Visit a gigantic and iconic mural of Jesus cheering on the fighting Irish football team. ”
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“The campus of the University of Notre Dame is a historical treasure, no matter your faith or college experience. You'll sense a deep connection of community, history, diversity, social justice and world improvement and enhancement of all human people when you visit here. ”
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