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Best things to do in Oslo

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“A cosy place with many different restaurants under the same roof. Both cheap and the expensive.”
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Opera House
“Famous Opera building with its proximity to the fjord and to the exciting Sørenga area”
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Muzeum umění
“Because it's Munch. The most famous painter Norway has ever had. The painting "Skrik" is world famous and is our Mona Lisa.”
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“Verden kjent park i Oslo. T-Banen rett til Majorstua eller du kan gå av på Borge (stasjonen før og gå derifra via kirke gården.”
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“Oslos hipster area with a bunch of cafès, pubs, restaurants, concert areas and wonderful vibes!”
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“Alternative music venue that offer concerts and DJ nights. Check out their free Sunday concerts where Frank Znort Quartet plays funky tunes at 16:30 and 20.45.”
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Car Wash
“Wide selection of shopping options, restaurants, bars and entertainment, 10 minutes walk away”
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“The Royal Palace was completed in 1849 and is where our king and queen lives. This is nearby to where you can stay in my apartment. Look for the red flag with a lion flying on the roof. If it's up it means the king is home. Every day at 13:30 (regardless of the weather) you can watch the changing of the guard. It takes about 40 minutes from start to finish and happens in front of the castle.”
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“Astrup Fearnley Museet is a private museum of contemporary art, and has since its opening in 1993 been one of the most important art institutions in Oslo.”
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“Really beautiful park near my place which gives you tons of image opportunities”
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Italská restaurace
“Very family friendly pizzeria. Another one on Frogner. Good tuna salad and pizzas of course!”
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“Quite expensive but great view in ekeberg park. Founder of the sculpture park Rignes (Breweri family) owns this place and the park area.”
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Zahrada soch
“Pro-tip: Walk Drammensveien (where the bus drives) a few minutes towards the city centre and take left after the house "Dobag" (sells carpets). Now you'll see a "secret" side of the park.”
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“The absolute best coffee in town, and possibly the world. He has won several contests, and are ranked among the best in the world. Is a must go for coffee lovers!”
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