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Co podniknout v destinaci Palm Springs

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

Cable Car
“You will get lost in the beauty of nature and have a breathtaking experience. ”
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Muzeum umění
“If traveling to Palm Springs during your visit, the Palm Springs Art Museum is a must see!”
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“One of Palm Springs most popular places to eat. Great variety of american dishes. Make sure to make reservations and avoid long waits”
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“Indian Canyon offers hiking trails for all levels. Enjoy the beauty of Murray Canyon, Andreas Canyon and Palm Canyon, with their palm groves and water falls.”
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“One of our favorite perks of living near Palm Springs? … crashing the Ace hotel pool on a day pass! ”
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Cable Car
“If you want to take a break from the desert heat, take the Tram to the pristine wilderness of the Mt San Jacinto state park (8500 ft about sea level). The temperature up in the park is usually 30 degrees cooler than Palm Springs. Enjoy view points, hikes over 50 miles of trails, and visit the natural history museum. Two restaurants offer excellent dining, over night camping is available with advance reservation.”
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“Extremely popular brunch spot in Palm Springs. Always a wait to be seated on the weekends.”
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Nová americká restaurace
“Solid American cuisine & specialty cocktails are served in a lively modern space with a patio.”
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Mexická restaurace
“A popular spot for Mexican Food. It does get quiet busy on weekends so make sure to call for reservations. On weekends they also have a live band in their patio area.”
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“when its too hot for you take the tram up to the top of the San Jacinto mountains where the air is cool and views majestic”
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Nová americká restaurace
“Best Happy Hour in Palm Springs. Sit inside or outside, food is lovely (get the avocado pizza with shrimp!) Bartenders are fun and the place has a great upbeat festive energy. ”
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“A traditional New York-styled deli in Palm Springs. I'm not crazy about the atmosphere, but the food and service are great. It's a fun experience, and you won't leave hungry.”
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“Kids love this place. Make sure to visit when is not too hot as some of the attractions are out in the open, most of them are indoors but if you want to enjoy your visit make sure is not too hot”
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“Now with 3 locations in Palm Springs. Good coffee drinks, and the location in uptown has a lovely outdoor yard/patio that is worth a visit in itself. Go to the North Palm canyon location and get there earlyish to score an outdoor seat in the beautiful courtyard in the back. Excellent people watching and you are almost guaranteed to overhear a ridiculous conversation :-) ”
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“Modern restaurant with a changing menu of global eats, craft cocktails & chic, tree-filled patio”
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Americká restaurace
“Eclectic and very good. Can be group seating with others or at your own table.”
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