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Natural Feature
“Landscapes, coves, monuments, botanical gardens, villages ... You can visit all year round, there is always something to do or see. Lake Como is a concentrate of beauty, attractions and things to see. The ideal place for a great holiday. For centuries it has been a place so loved by tourists from all over the world and by all kinds, from politicians like John Fitzgerald Kennedy to VIPs like George Clooney, from Queen Victoria of England to Saudi princesses. Every year it is called the most beautiful lake in the world.”
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“A very nice SPA, has two buildings, close to each other: Bagni Nuovi, good for families with kids, a new structure. Bagni Vecchi, does not allow kids, very charming, has a outdoor warm pool, and also pools inside an old castle. Not very close to our B&B, but worth a visit. ”
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Point of Interest
“Natural waterfall surrounded by greenery. With its paths between the rocks and the flowing water it seems to be catapulted into the middle of wild nature”
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“Der Parc Ela ist der grösste Naturpark der Schweiz. Lassen Sie sich von kundigen WanderleiterInnen begleiten oder entdecken Sie auf eigene Faust atemberaubende Ausblicke, wilde Naturräume und historische Kulturlandschaften.”
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“The most relaxing place that you don't have to miss once you stay in bormio reservation suggested”
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“A lovely abbey reachable by boat or by car, where the monks make their own liquors for sale. worth the trip by boat if you have the extra time.”
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Nákupní centrum
“The biggest mall in this area. Supermarket and shopping center. Low cost gasoline pump. ”
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“the oldest rock engravings in Europe (UNESCO park). an open-air gallery of ancient millennia”
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“Val di Peio and Val di Rabbi both access Stelvio National Park. Go there and hike up into the mountains to see the beautiful scenery of the high mountains of Stelvio.”
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“Ideale per bellissime passeggiate o escursioni anche con quide autorizzate.”
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Ski Area
“Estate - Tra i primi bike park in Italia, nato nel 2005 a seguito dei mondiali di mtb, il park di Mottolino a Livigno è diventato subito uno dei punti di riferimento in Europa per gli amanti del downhill e del freeride e offre 13 sentieri, un gonfiabile per provare i salti, un’area jump e molte altre strutture. Inverno - Mottolino è molto più di una ski-area, Mottolino è una FUN area. 7 impianti di risalita, 27 piste da sci per ogni livello, un campo scuola, uno snowpark, 2 rifugi in quota, 5 itinerari dedicati al freeride, un noleggio sci e snowboard e tanto, tantissimo divertimento!”
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“It's about 7 min. down the street by foot and you'll find a wide range of food and non-food items.”
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“The Pian di Spagna area is ideal for walking, cycling, surfing, horse riding”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“A pochi minuti d'auto, con una bella passeggiata al Lago di Como, si trova Colico.”
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“Appena sopra Bormio, a circa 40 minuti di auto da STazzona. Una navetta vi accompagna per il primo tratto e poi a piedi in circa 2 ore si raggiunge la Val Viola dove c’è un ristoro. ”
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“Das Benediktinerinnenkloster St. Johann (rätoroman. Claustra Son Jon) im Val Müstair im Schweizer Kanton Graubünden ist ein sehr gut erhaltenes mittelalterliches Kloster der Karolingerzeit. Das Kloste”
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