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Nech si poradit od místních, kteří se tady dobře vyznají, a prohlédni si památky i skryté klenoty, díky nimž je město jedinečné.

“After a trip to Zotter's chocolate factory why not add a visit to Burg Riegersburg? Learn about witches and witch hunts in an exhibit and tour the old rooms. Take an elevator to the top or walk up by foot, through an old vineyard before you enter through a big gate. After your tour have some amazing local food right then and there!”
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Amusement Park
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“in summertime its a similar feeling to be there like you have in ibiza in a beachclub or a nice caribean resort. the water is warm and the overhanging climbing wall on the high jumping tower is fun for all to try. the place for me to get summerseaside feeling on hot summerdays and in winter its the place to enjoy excellent international food creations, the place to hang and mingle with young hip locals in the not so hot season”
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“world class " greifvogelflugschau " with eagles soaring one meter above the audiences head ....of course the old castle with its spectacular view is woth a visit by itselve too”
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Travel Agency
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