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Nech si poradit od místních, kteří se tady dobře vyznají, a prohlédni si památky i skryté klenoty, díky nimž je město jedinečné.

“Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik is the most important architectural achievement of the Renaissance on Croatian soil. Due to its exceptional value, this Gothic-Renaissance monument is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2000th.”
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History Museum
“St. Michael fortress have a spectacular view is one of the most prestigious stages in Dalmacia and during the summer many cultural, musical and theatrical events are organized. ”
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Nákupní centrum
“Everything you want, Cinema, Mc donalds, fashion stores, grocery, pet shop, etc.”
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Moderní evropská restaurace
“Lovely restaurant located right next to the beautiful cathedral St. James, with MICHELIN star. Excellent vine list and tasting menu.”
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Point of Interest
“St Nicholas’ Fortress is a unique monument of the world’s architectural heritage and in 2017 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World heritage List . It is only possible to visit St Nicholas’ Fortress if you take a boat trip.”
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History Museum
“It was constructed the same year as St. John's fortress, in 1646 and it contributed very much to the defence of the town of Šibenik from the Turkish attacks in 1647.”
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History Museum
“It is located close to the Cathedral, in the former Duke's palace. In its collections the museum holds about 150000 items worth exploring the Sibenik past from the earliest times to the present day.”
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“The only one good local club. Beautiful interior, good music, sometimes they have live music. Nice place to sit outside on the grass with kids.”
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History Museum
“St. John's fortress is located on the hill, 115 m high above the old town center of Šibenik. It was built up in 1646 in the form of a star in order to protect the town from Turkish attacks.”
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Středomořská restaurace
“This place is maybe little fancy but defently one of the best restauran in town.They served very good food,local wines and amazing desserts.Servise and environment is very pleasant.”
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Water Park
“Part of the Solaris Beach Resort but open to all visitors, the Solaris Aquapark is the first of its kind in Croatia, a themed water park where children can let loose in perfect safety over 8,000 square metres. Attractions include slides, waterfalls, jets and sprinklers, as well as the lazy river that allows you to negotiate the complex in relative serenity before passing under a huge barrel of water that tips out on anyone below it from a height of 13 metres. There’s also a fairytale cave to explore. Parents can take a break on the beach chairs spread out beneath the shade of welcome parasols, and a snack bar awaits with home-made ice cream.”
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“great place for relaxing in the evening hours while drinking some of their special cocktails. They often have live music, usually hosting local bends. ”
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“This is the main beach in the town of Sibenik. It has cafes and restaurants , along with beautiful views of the old town, and it is just 8 minutes walk from Casa Antea.”
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“For everyday after beach refreshment come to Fjaka and drink your favorite cocktail.”
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Farmers Market
“If you want to buy fresh fruits, vegetables or fish, this is a place to visit. Even if you don't want to buy anything, just wonder around and enjoy mediterranean market feeling. Market of Šibenik is known as "Pijaca" among locals. Opened every day from early morning till noon, the bussiest day is Saturday. On sundays there are only few salesman.”
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“the bar which offers, without any doubt, the best coffee in town. You will notice after a while that good coffee is really important for Croatians. To meet for coffee and gossip a bit is one of Croatians’ favorite rituals. ”
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