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Hindu Temple
“The view is breathtaking. At low tide, you can walk out to the temple but the view of the temple at high tide is still worth seeing. Sunset is the peak time to go and this is very crowded. You have to get through an avenue of tourist shops offering all the usual Bali products to get to the temple. There is even a couple of snakes on offer for a photo opportunity.”
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Hindu Temple
“Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot Temple is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Find Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Tabanan Regency, in the heart of central Bali. As it’s off the beaten track, Jatiluwih is uncrowded compared to other Balinese tourist hotspots. The terraces cascade along the foothills of Gunung Batukaru, serving up a more than 600-hectare expanse of lush green rice fields curving along the landscape. It’s no wonder that Jatiluwih has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, living up to its name that means ‘truly beautiful.’ Take out your camera, or better yet, take in the scene sans camera as the inspiringly verdant panorama invites a tranquil and reflective atmosphere. Hikers will enjoy exploring the rice fields, observing the flow of water and the varying colors and stages of rice growth, taking a closer look at the day-to-day life of a Balinese farmer. Stop by Ada Babi Guleng or one of many local or international restaurants in the area for a scenic meal overlooking the terraces. To see more of Jatiluwih at a faster pace, it’s possible to rent a bicycle or ATV to get around.”
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Hindu Temple
“Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, or Pura Bratan, is a major Shaivite water temple on Bali, Indonesia. The iconic temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. ”
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“Jatiluwih village in Penebel District, north of Tabanan, has paddy fields following the contours of terraced land against the background of spellbinding Mount Batukaru and Mount Agung use traditional Balinese irrigation known as subak, Bali's community-based water control management system. Lies at an altitude of 700 meters, the cool atmosphere of more original beautiful Jatiluwih is better than the most well known Tegallalang which has plenty of cafes and souvenir shops. Jatiluwih is one of the five rice terraces that describe the "Subak" water management system which has gain acknowledgement from UNESCO as part of the world's cultural heritage. To preserve the largest area of 53,000 hectares agriculture fields on the island, Tabanan Regency Administration would not allow the development of star-rated and city hotels anymore, unless tourism facilities with a commitment to environmental conservation would be allowed with 30 percent of buildings and 70 percent had to be left naturally as paddy field or plantation. The administration has also decided 300-hectare protected paddy field zone with a 100-hectare housing zone lies outside the protected zone. For visitors it is possible to visit the 300-hectare on foot (about 3,5 hr trekking) or alternatively with an e-bike tour that the local villagers organize since 2017 (about 1 h).”
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“National Park,. provide activity tracking, camping. see seeing. advanture and etc ”
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“Beautiful botanical garden high on the mountain. Has Treetop Adventure Park which is great fun.”
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“An outstanding golf course. A bit of a drive from the villa, but well worth the effort if golf is your thing. If you are up this way for golf it is worth augmenting the visit to take in Tanah Lot temple as well, particularly for sunset.”
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“Not as famous as the other temples of Bali, I personnally love Pura Luhur Batu Karu. This temple is the oldest of the island, and does not get crowded with tourists unlike the other sites. A beautiful and romantic visit. If you happen to visit the Jati Luwih ricefields nearby, do not hesitate to take the route all the way to that temple as well.”
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Hindu Temple
“Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes around the temple. The temple complex includes a wide moat, wooden shrines and beautifully carved gates. Excellent architecture which guarantees an abundance scope for photography. Entrance fee is 20,000 IDR per person. They give green colored sarong if you wear short clothes.”
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Administrative Area Level 4
“Famous for hiking and its jungle waterfalls, clove and coffee plantations. ”
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Další skvělé venkovní lokality
“Adventure circuits in Botanical Gardens. They’re very popular and great for ages 6 and above.”
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“Green School is part of the bigger vision by John Hardy. A visit to Green School is a unique opportunity to see, feel and hear about one of the world’s most stunning and progressive places of learning. From soaring bamboo structures, to the beautiful Ayung River, our paths through the jungle will take you to a place like no other. A tour here can be organised directly at the reception. ”
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“if you want to find lake view with the park , you can go here and enjoy the fresh air ”
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“You can walk amongst many of Indonesias gorgeous butterflies under a net canopy. You can identify them with the help of the butterfly book sold in the lodge and the park.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“The nearest large supermarket and pharmacy that you can buy almost everything.”
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