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“Riserva naturale statale Abbadia di Fiastra - Itinerari: Percorsi ciclabili, Percorsi in auto. ”
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“Abbadia Di Fiastra is an amazing place for a peaceful walk. The countryside around is just like Le Marche was 1000’s of years ago. Nearby you will also find Urbisaglia Roman ruins, town and amphitheater. You can go horse riding, dine, have a picnic, visit the beautiful church or just stroll through the grounds.”
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“124 restaurant , serving meat and fish. an old villa in grounds on the outskirts of tolentino/sforzacosta road. ”
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“L'abbazia di Fiastra sorge nella bassa Valle del Fiastrone, o Fiastra (da cui il nome) in prossimità dell'omonimo fiume, nel territorio dei comuni di Tolentino e Urbisaglia e rappresenta il più importante edificio monastico delle Marche. Di uno stile di transizione dal romanico al gotico rispecchia in pieno l'influsso cistercense di sapore lombardo.”
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“Our favourite Elia the owner speaks good English and always makes us and our friends welcome. He is open every evening except Mondays and also for Sunday lunch. The food served is fresh Seafood with a menu that changes with whatever is in season or can be bought at the coastal fish market in Civitannova and is imaginatively presented by Rodrigues the Chef – the octopus [polpo] is our favorite so is a must try even for non-fish eaters. For those who do not like fish there are fantastic authentic pizzas made with sourdough that has been proved for 48 hours. There are also great views.”
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“Il castello della Rancia è uno dei simboli della città di Tolentino. È stato ricostruito nel XIV secolo sulle strutture di una grancia cistercense”
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Italská restaurace
“It is a family run restaurant and Andrea [son] and his brother speak good English. The menu gives you just a fixed price depending on the number of courses you would like and then Andrea will tell you what is on the menu today. Great if you can get a table outside and if you fancy a short stroll for a bit of exercise then you can park at the Roman ruins in the road between Convento and Passo Colmurano and cross the road and walk up the hill to the village past the Roman ruins which include a Teatro. They are open at lunchtime. ”
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“THe park around the old Abbey is very well kept and a nice escape for a short hike or bike ride”
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Administrative Area Level 2
“In Macerata befindet sich ein wunderschönes Amphitheater. Im Sommer werden dort klassische Opera aufgeführt. Sehr empfehlenswert.”
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Point of Interest
“Urbisaglia (24.5km) - Urbs Salvia was one of the largest cities of the Piceno people and a Roman colony. Today Urbisaglia is a small town overlooking the valley of Fiastra. Urbisaglia is steeped in history and within its archaeological park there is Roman Amphitheatre now used for concerts and festivals. In the historical centre, the museum provides an overview of the Roman civilization in the area. There is also an amazing fortress, built between the thirteenth and fifteenth century ”
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“Nel Parco Archeologico di Urbs Salvia potete visitare il teatro e l’anfiteatro romano, l’antico serbatoio dell’acquedotto, il complesso tempio-criptoportico, i monumenti funerari a torre e le mura fortificate.”
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