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Základní služby v destinaci Utrecht

“For you to explore. ”
118doporučeno v místě
Prodejna sendvičů
“Favourite Italian sandwiches in Utrecht, and not too expensive.”
12doporučeno v místě
“Nice place, nice food!”
14doporučeno v místě
“Beste broodje van de stad!”
7doporučeno v místě
Italská restaurace
“D'Amici, very cozy Italian restaurant for dinner with friends. Specials: real wood fired pizza oven. Also childrens maels. Owner is Italian. Closed on Mondays, behind supermarket AH. About 14 km, free parking.”
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Prodejna lihovin
“All the beers in the world you can buy here. And every month there is a tastery of food with beers. ”
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Health Food Store
“Very nice and budget friendly take-away. You only have to warm it up in a pan yourself. ”
4doporučeno v místě
“Aan de overkant van de straat. Supermarket across the street.”
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“Open all day from 8-22”
21doporučeno v místě
“For everyday shoppings. ”
20doporučeno v místě
Medical Center
“Closest pharmacy to the apartment. Here you will be able to pick up prescription medicine and drugs. In the Netherlands you will need to visit a doctor / general practioner to prescribe you specific medicine. There isn't a lot of over the counter medicine, so a lot of times you will need to visit a doctor first. The pharmacy will tell you if you will need a prescription yes or no. ”
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“This supermarkt is just around the corner a 5 minute walk away. It's on most day open from 8.00 till 22.00 except for sundays (it opens around 12.00 and closes at 20.00). Here you can buy all the groceries you need.”
20doporučeno v místě
“The nearest supermarket open 'til 24, I like to say the supermarket with a view (it's on the main canal and the view is amazing)”
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