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Best things to do in Utrecht

“A must see - a 10 minute walk from my house, if you have the time, make sure you take the tour and walk up to the top - a wonderful view! You will also see the massive bells close up. Plus there is a tour that takes you under the ground to see the recent archeology dig going back to the Romans here in Utrecht. Utrecht was a very important city in the old days - much older and more important than Amsterdam some century's ago!”
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Concert Hall
“Het grote poppodium van Utrecht met heel veel zalen en op vrijdag en zaterdag een Biergarten tussen de concertzalen in. Het heeft het prachtige effect dat mensen uit verschillende feesten mengen met degene die gewoon kwamen aanwaaien! ”
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“Een prachtig park voor jong en oud, met speelweide, speeltuin, restaurant (Griftpark 1) aan het water, kinderboerderij en prachtige groene plekjes. Je kunt er ook wandelen, joggen of op een van de leuke terrasjes gaan zitten die er om het park heen liggen. In het park mag je ook picknicken of BBQ-en. Er is tevens een basketbalveld en een grote skatebaan.”
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Nezávislé kino
“This historic police building has been renovated and turned into an amazing cinema with restaurant and terrace. No blockbuster bull, quality stuff. Love it.”
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Pivní bar
“One of the most famous places to get beers in Utrecht. Close to the station and located in an old church.. A bit more touristy but recommended to check it out - even if only for the view inside.”
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Medical Center
“Utrecht's most beautiful park, also one of the biggest. It includes a great restaurant which shares it's name with the park, however it's quite expensive. The houses and streets surrounding the park are beautiful.”
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Monument / Landmark
“dit moet je van dichtbij gezien hebben! onze trots De Domtoren van Utrecht!!!”
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Muzeum umění
“The main museum in Utrecht with a wide-ranging collection, mainly of works produced locally.”
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Prostor k pořádání akcí
“Utrecht is an amazing major city similar to Amsterdam (including canals and bicycles), but with less tourism. Amazing architecture and many nice restaurants and bars near the canals! ”
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Muzeum umění
“Nijntje (Miffy) is a typical Dutch figure for children. The miffy museum is the world in miniature. In ten themed areas, toddlers and preschoolers discover the world around them step by step. The picture books of Dick Bruna are the inspiration for these worlds. So there is the house of Miffy, the doctor, the zoo, you name it. Children really step into the world of Miffy and her friends. www.nijntjemuseum.nl”
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“beautiful and delicious...bike ride here! If hot - jump in the water when you get there.”
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“A serious contender with Muiderslot for the most fairy tale location in the Netherlands, the magnificently romantic De Haar Castle near Utrecht has been in existence since the 14th century but got its current turrets-and-towers look in the 19th century, at the hands of famous Rijksmuseum architect Pierre Cuypers. ”
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“Leuk museum om met kinderen naar toe te gaan en om iets echt nederlands te zien...draaiorgels!”
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