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Best things to do in Victoria

History Museum
“I have loved this museum since I was a little kid! Go explore old-town and walk down cobble streets! Board ships! Learn all about our local first nations!! Check out an IMAX. This is a seriously amazing museum! And the gift shop is incredible!! I shop there for Xmas prezzies!!!”
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“There is a bit of everything in this downtown park! Playgrounds, water-parks, outdoor exercise circuits, duck ponds, rock-gardens, nature trails, fields, view-points. It has everything. Definitely go!”
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Snídaňové bistro
“All-day breakfast, including eggs Benedict & pancakes, plus updated comfort food amid rustic decor. 8am-3pm”
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Historická památka
“Amazing architecture and historic features, this is a splendid example of a Victorian-era Scottish Baronial mansion. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada, and is run by local volunteers. It can be quite crowded in here at times, but if you wait for the occasional large bus groups to pass, the local guides are very informative and the mansion settles down to a tranquil Victorian retreat. ”
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Night Club
“Pub and restaurant. Great food and drinks just around the corner from the Janion ”
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Fish & Chips
“An outdoor waterfront eatery in an up-cycled cargo container in Victoria's Inner Harbour. Best fish ‘n chips in town. Be sure to try the tacones--- wonderful hand-roll style fish tacos in corn or flour tortillas. You will often see otters playing in the harbor while you enjoy the view.”
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Italská restaurace
“Italian Cuisine This has been my favorite restaurant for years. Consitently excellent service and food. My favorite - lamb and venison. On Johnson street, in a great tucked away alley. Make a reservation. ”
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“This a restaurant, a pub AND a brewery! They use as much local food as possible. The views are epic. You can cross the bridge from our condo and walk all the way there along the WestSong walkway. Or take a harbour ferry! Enjoy the fresh brews, great views and tasty food. On your way out DO NOT miss the homemade chocolates. They are the absolute best in the city. The lemon-drops are the most exquisite!”
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“Great fish & chips! Nice Mexican takeout. Fresh Seafood. Icecream. You can buy fish to feed the seals and stroll to checkout the little floating homes. Good place to spend an hour or so.”
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Point of Interest
“Home to the Legislative Assembly, the parliament building is openly toured by scheduled group tours, or self guided tours. It is one of the many things that can be seen in Victoria and is definitely the one that shouldn't be missed.”
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“High end, very central location in the iconic Fairmont Empress. They have a lovely bar, and do tea time. ”
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Francouzská restaurace
“Our favourite restaurant in town, Serving up delicious French food with great wine and beer menu”
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Italská restaurace
“The best pizza ever. No reservations (there is a wine bar next door and pub across the street while you wait). They also do takeout if you fancy a beach picnic! ”
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“The Drake is a beer parlour! How cool is that? They have SO many amazing beers to choose from, and almost all of them are as local as possible. Their food is great for a quick bite too! The atmosphere is wonderful. Whether you are in a group or want somewhere to grab a drink at the bar by yourself, it is one of the best! And... it's RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS! :-) (Did I mention that kids and babies are allowed and welcomed?)”
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Snídaňové bistro
“Vibrant, colourful cafe known for all-day breakfast & imaginative takes on Canadian comfort food. My absolute favorite place for breakfast—worth the wait.”
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