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“One of only two liquor stores in town. Prices are minimally to moderately higher than in the south, due to transportation costs. The second liquor store is further away but has identical prices and hours (websites claiming open hours on Sunday are wrong!). NOTE: CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. Open 11am - 10pm Monday-Saturday.”
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“The grocery store actually has a pretty great hot meal counter. You can get fries and chicken for $5.00, and they are actually really tasty!”
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“A really good stop for lunch specials for a reasonable price. One of the best places to eat in town. The attached health food store is amazing and they carry a lot of beautiful items. Walking distance!”
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“Larger grocery store a 15 minute drive away. Stocks specialty items including imported foods and some local specialty products (Barren Ground Coffee Roasters etc). Open 8am - 9pm, seven days per week.”
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