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Oblíbená místa zdejších obyvatel

1. Troldhaugen
65 Troldhaugvegen
100doporučeno v místě
Håkon říká “This is a Nice spot for everyone and especially those of You enjoy classical Music in general and Ed...” ·
2. Old Bergen Museum
4 Nyhavnsveien
70doporučeno v místě
Torhild říká “This is a museum of original Bergen houses situated right at the sea front and within walking distan...” ·
3. VilVite, Bergen Vitensenter
51 Thormøhlens Gate
70doporučeno v místě
Silje říká “Science centre where the whole family can discover more than 100 different exhibits. Science show an...” ·
4. Nygårdsparken kindergarten
44 Thormøhlens Gate
60doporučeno v místě
Lars říká “Maybe the most beautiful park in Bergen. Several ponds, trees, grass and playgrounds. PS! Dont let t...” ·
5. Det Hanseatiske Museum
1A Finnegården
40doporučeno v místě
Camilla říká “The Hanseatic Museum is situated centrally on Bryggen in Bergen. The museum shows how the German mer...” ·
6. KODE 1
9 Nordahl Bruns gate
46doporučeno v místě
Sol & Norman
Sol & Norman říká “Four buildings, KODE 1, 2, 3 and 4. All placed next to each other, close to Lille Lungårdsvann. If y...” ·
7. KODE 2, KODE Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem
3 Rasmus Meyers allé
37doporučeno v místě
Aron říká “Kode 2, 3 and 4 are located right next to each other in the middle of town. They have different exhi...” ·
8. Lysøen med Ole Bulls villa
28doporučeno v místě
Anna říká “On a nice and sunny day in Bergen, a trip to Lysøen and Ole Bull's Villa is strongly recommended. Th...” ·
9. KODE 4
9 Rasmus Meyers allé
32doporučeno v místě
Trude Og Johan
Trude Og Johan říká “On the ground floor you will also find a large presentation of paintings and paperworks by the Norwe...” ·
10. Bergenhus Fortress
26doporučeno v místě
Henny říká “Håkon's Hall was built between 1247 and 1261 by Håkon Håkonsson. It was the largest and most imposin...” ·
11. Bryggens Museum
3 Dreggsallmenningen
21doporučeno v místě
Lars říká “Bryggens Museum display findings of the archaeological excavations of Bryggen from 1955 and contains...” ·
12. Gamlehaugen
10 Gamlehaugvegen
9doporučeno v místě
Margit říká “Gamlehaugen is a mansion in Bergen, Norway, and the residence of the Norwegian Royal Family in the c...” ·
13. Bergen Fine Art Society
5 Rasmus Meyers Allé
18doporučeno v místě
Lina říká “There are several art galleries along this side of Lille Lungegårdsvann (the pond), all labeled with...” ·
14. Damsgård Manor
29 Alléen
15doporučeno v místě
Mats Daniel
Mats Daniel říká “Just outside the apartment you have immediate access to the public transport with frequent bus depar...” ·
15. KODE 4, KODE Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem
9 Rasmus Meyers allé
16doporučeno v místě
Camilla říká “KODE Art Museums of Bergen has a unique combination of art museums and composers’ homes, of contempo...” ·
16. Kode 3
7 Rasmus Meyers allé
12doporučeno v místě
Pia říká “Bergen’s top fine-art institutions are conveniently aligned in a row, like ducklings, alongside a la...” ·
17. Halloween at the University Museum
3 Muséplassen
11doporučeno v místě
She-Fah říká “The Natural Hisotry museum is undergoing renovations but you can still access the botanical gardens ...”
18. Norges Fiskerimuseum
23 Sandviksboder
9doporučeno v místě
Ellinor Og Anders
Ellinor Og Anders říká “The norwegian museum of fishery is located in our neighbourhood and offers a review of a very import...” ·
19. Universitetsmuseet i Bergen - Historisk Museum
10 Haakon Sheteligs plass
9doporučeno v místě
Camilla říká “Covering cultural history, art history, archaeology, anthropology. Exhibitions "Viking Era". Activit...” ·
20. Bergen Maritime Museum
15 Haakon Sheteligs plass
9doporučeno v místě
Rita říká “Bergen was built on maritime activities, thus, the Maritime museum shows the history of the town in ...” ·
21. Leprosy Muesum, St. George's Hospital
59 Kong Oscars gate
9doporučeno v místě
Cathrine říká “The West coast of Norway was hit hard by lepra in the 1800s, and a hospital was buildt. Now a museum...” ·
22. Siljustøl Museum
50 Siljustølvegen
7doporučeno v místě
Kenneth říká “Siljustøl, home of composer Harald Sæverud ___________________________________________________ https...” ·
23. Lepramuseet|St Jørgens Hospital
59 Kong Oscars gate
7doporučeno v místě
Eilev říká “The Norwegian history of leprosy is part of the worldwide history of an illness that on account of i...” ·
24. Alvøen Manor
150 Alvøveien
6doporučeno v místě
Irene říká “Flott område ca 10 minutters kjøretur fra huset. Gammelt industriområde, Alvøen Hovedgård har omvis...” ·
25. Osterøy Museum
3doporučeno v místě
Ellinor říká “You can walk from the farm. Interesting way to have knowlegde about how people lived their lifes hun...” ·
26. Horda Museum
24 Hordnesvegen
5doporučeno v místě
Benedikte říká “Historisk museum og park hvor man kan gå rundt og se samling av gamle bygg og båter fra distriktet. ...” ·
27. University of Bergen
5doporučeno v místě
Merete říká “Naturhistorisk museum er kjekt for både barn og voksne. Flotte utstillinger og gode historier i et v...”