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Cretan Restaurant


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Peskesi Restaurant in Heraklion Crete | Authentic Cretan Cuisine
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Ilektra & Faidra (Twins)
Ilektra & Faidra (Twins)
August 4, 2020
Gourmet Cretan food - book a table before you go as it is usually full !
January 11, 2020
Traditional food at City Center
September 10, 2020
Peskesi Restaurant is an effort to discover the secrets and enjoy the benefits of the Cretan Diet. Our cuisine is based on pure and natural products of the Cretan land and our aim is to highlight the traditional Cretan aromas and flavors that have been forgotten. The restaurant is located…
April 27, 2016
Gourmet Cretan Cousine
January 30, 2020
Betse Taverne in Heraklion Zentrum. Peskesi Restaurant is an effort to discover the secrets and enjoy the benefits of the Cretan Diet. Our cuisine is based on pure and natural products of the Cretan land and our aim is to highlight the traditional Cretan aromas and flavors that have been forgotten.
June 26, 2019
23 mins - Central Heraklion - unique variety of organic dishes, fabulously prepared and served by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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History Museum
“The collection of the Minoan antiquities in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion in Heraklion is the largest in the world and the museum is considered the main Museum of Minoan civilization. It is classified as one of the largest and most remarkable museums in Greece and one of the most important in Europe. It is built in a spacious building with 27 rooms on the site of Saint Francis temple, which is now ruined. Its exhibits include representative samples from all periods of Cretan prehistory and history, covering about 5500 years, from the Neolithic period to Roman times. Dominant in his collections are the unique masterpieces of Minoan art, such as the goddess of Snakes, the bullhead, the Kamares vessels, the famous frescoes of the Prince of Lilies and the Tavrokathapsia, the Disk of Phaestus, the Ring of Minos, the double axes of Arkalochori, etc. ”
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“A really nice open air place to have a drink! However, the food is not so tasteful! ”
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History Museum
“Historical Museum of Crete, on Sofokli Venizelou, facing the sea, is dedicated to bringing 2,000 years of history to life. The museum was founded in 1952 in a handsome turn of the 20th Century townhouse. It houses important examples of early Christian artifacts, stonework and decorative objects of Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish origin. There is a panoramic wooden model of mediaeval Heraklion, or Candia as it was called by the Venetians (after its Arabic name El Khandak) in one room, beautifully detailed, with push-button spotlights picking out the locations of many important sites of worship, defense and government. Some of these buildings are still standing, some are still in use, and the Venetian roads continue to give Heraklion its shape. The museum offers a genuine learning experience to visitors. You will read about and see evidence of the siege of the city that lasted 21 years (1648-1669) and ended with its capture by Ottoman Turks and the start of a desperate epoch. Almost constant insurrection and strife for 250 years followed until final unification with Greece. More recent exhibits are concerned with the 20th Century, and the 1913 unification is dealt with, under the leadership of Eleftherios Venizelos. Other rooms offer evidence of the island''s most recent warfare and the 10-day Battle of Crete in 1941 is powerfully evoked. Another room, a reconstructed library, dedicated to Crete''s most famous writer, Nikos Kazantzakis, who captured for a moment the soul of Crete. The restaurants outside the museum offer shade and fine foods.”
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Science Museum
“The Natural History Museum of Crete in Heraklion is housed since 2007 in the renovated former premises of the Heraklion Public Power Corporation, near the gate Dermatas and was founded in 1980. With an area of 3,500 m2, it is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Mediterranean, showcasing the natural environment of Crete and the wider Mediterranean area in an innovative, original way. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Cretan ecosystems alongside their equivalents in mainland Greece and elsewhere in the Mediterranean via dioramas, i.e. full-scale models of natural landscapes. Other areas are dedicated to exhibits such as the Giant Deinotherium, the largest prehistoric animal ever to live on Crete, the Living Museum, a display of typical animals of Crete and the Mediterranean, the Enceladus- an earthquake simulator where one can experience several earthquakes known to have occurred in different areas in the past, as well as the Erevnotopos Discovery Centre, an area specially designed for our younger visitors, where they can dig for fossils and explore Cretan nature hands-on. Since 2016 there also three temporary exhibitions; "Dinosaurs extreme", with real-size reconstructions of dinosaurs with extreme characteristics, e.g. the largest, the smallest, the oldest, the fastest and of course the famous T-rex. The second exhibition, "Light Mysteries", is an exhibition which includes aspects of holography and optics, through experiments and illusions. There is also the display “Crete, a continent in an island“, featuring numerous exhibits and micro-dioramas on the biodiversity and geodiversity of Crete.  ”
  • Doporučuje 40 místních
“Very interesting visit. The castle is recently renovated. You should visit in the afternoon to avoid high temperature. ”
  • Doporučuje 45 místních
Iraklio, 712 02
Πλατεία Λιονταριών
Telefon+30 281 028 8887
Webové stránkypeskesicrete.gr
Kreditní karty
Venkovní posezení
Oběd, večeře, dessert
Beer, víno, plný bar
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