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June 9, 2018
There are several "shopping" around in Salvador; airconditioned shopping malls where they have the bigger chain stores for clothes and electronics. There are buses leaving from Praca do Se.
Fabio A. S.
Fabio A. S.
July 9, 2018
Shopping tradicional de Salvador.
Jon & Rosana
Jon & Rosana
October 1, 2018
Classic Brazilian shopping mall. Great restaurants and shops.
Fernanda & Maurício
Fernanda & Maurício
July 24, 2017
Shopping perto do apartamento
March 27, 2016
You will find all sort of services there from restaurants to bank branches.

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“Spare one day to enjoy the historic centre. Pelourinho and its colorful houses are kind of postcard of Salvador, but downtown is much more than that. And try to have your lunch at one of the best traditional portuguese style restaurants in Salvador, Porto do Moreira. Not expensive, a real roots restaurant.”
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Historická památka
“No seu subterrâneo tem uma passagem por mar que era usada por escravos no período do Brasil Colonial. (In its underground has a sea passage that was used by slaves in the Colonial Brazil period) ”
  • Doporučuje 110 místních
Post Office
“Tem de tudo no Mariposa: drinks, sucos, sanduíches, crepes, açaí, temakis. Local agradável com bonita decoração. ”
  • Doporučuje 15 místních
Car Rental
“Dá para alugar um carro para fazer passeio pela cidade. Há 10 minutos andando você já chega a uma locadora de automóveis.”
  • Doporučuje 9 místních
Pojízdný fastfood
““Good acarajés and abarás are the great legacies that Dinha left for Bahia. Nowadays her daughter is in charge. The place has earned the name of Largo da Dinha and is a very popular option on Salvador's nights, to eat and have a beer. Acaraje is is a local dish made from peeled beans formed into a ball and then deep-fried in dendê (palm oil).” ”
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Barra, BA 40155-151
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