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Arco della Pace

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July 24, 2019
The Arco della Pace is a triumphal arch of Milan located at the beginning of Corso Sempione. Dedicated to peace among European nations reached in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna. The Arco della Pace represents one of the major neoclassical monuments of Milan.
November 7, 2019
A nice walk in Arco della Pace is such a romantic thing to do! The lights, old villas and the boulevards will make you go back in time and take you to a beautiful dream (filled with colorful cocktails in one of the many elegant bars in the area, of course!)
May 14, 2018
Beautiful square close to the park
September 10, 2019
An amazing historic gate to admire as well as a great location where to socialize, drink, and eat specially on weekends.
July 31, 2018
A very beautiful area with bar and cafe in front the central Park and Castello Sforzesco
August 19, 2019
E' una grande piazza adiacente al parco sempione ricco di bar e ristoranti per la night life. Raggiungiblie con in tram 10 o a piedi dalla casa

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“A perfectly preserved middle age castle keeps inside the history of the town during the government hold by the famous families Sforza and Visconti. Many collections inside, old music instruments, paints , statues etc.”
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“The biggest park in the center of Milan. Perfect for runners! Also a great place to enjoy a snack on one of the many benches and a nice walk towards the Castle”
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Historická památka
“Italian Ambience foundation, to protect sites and buildings with historical interest”
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“Meeting at sunset, when the sun goes down and the city slowly lights up in the evening lights ... it's time to get on the more Milanese Tower, the Torre Branca! Floor after floor, up to the highest panoramic terrace of the Branca Tower: listening to a thousand stories and stories about the city that slowly unfolds before our eyes, enjoying, up there, almost 100 meters high, an aperitif at a single altitude and unforgettable! The Torre Branca, a true work of art by Giò Ponti, who competes in height with the Madonnina, will be the fulcrum of our guided tour. An iron structure that offers, after a quick ascent in the elevator, a terrace overlooking the city, a privileged point of view to allow us to expand the horizons, observing the Sforzesco Castle at our feet and a little further the monuments of the historic center , the new neighborhoods and the modern cathedrals of glass and, in the days of clear skies, the mountains that are the corollary to our splendid region. We climb to the top of Torre Branca and at 98 meters of height let's enjoy the view from up here! With the lights of the evening and the city that lights up with life in the atmosphere that is increasingly tinged with sparkling reflections ... But not only! Our climb to the top is made even more special by a sweet break, a moment to pamper us and warm our palate with a sparkling aperitif! Every moment is good to discover Milan in tasty company. Give away and give yourself an atmosphere of pleasure, between beauty, magnificence and goodness at high altitude!”
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“The Duomo of Milan tells a story of faith and art spanning over six centuries. Construction work on the Duomo of Milan probably began in 1386. Work for the construction of Milan cathedral began in 1386 when the style of Gothic cathedrals had reached its peak. It was decided that the new church should be built in the area of the ancient basilicas of Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Tecla, the remains of which, together with those of the Baptistery of San Giovanni alle Fonti, are still visible in the Archaeological Area. For this purpose, in October 1387 the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo was founded at the instigation of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan, with the aim of continuing with the design and construction of the church. Gian Galeazzo’s decision to use Candoglia marble instead of the traditional Lombard brick was accompanied by a real revolution in style through the choice of Gothic, which forced the Fabbrica to look for engineers, architects, sculptors and stone-cutters from all around Europe. The construction site became a lively space for the exchange of the most diverse ideas, experiences and skills from workers coming from all over the continent, which made the Duomo a crossroads of peoples and cultures and the most European among Gothic cathedrals...”
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Milano, Lombardia 20154
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