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Rekreační pronájmy v Parashar Lake

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Nejlépe hodnocené rekreační pronájmy ve městě Parashar Lake

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Soukromý pokoj ve městě Thachi
Glass lodge with Private rooms and Glass Cabinet
Panoramic Glass lodge Thachi , Designed to keep closeness to nature . Built in an area of 5 acre of apple orchard at an height of 2300 metres above see level at top of the hill. Stargazing & 360 view of the Valley. One can enjoy shooting stars , rainfall ,snow along with the sunset ,while falling asleep. We have private room attached to a 360 Glass cabin by a sliding door with glass on the top as well. Glasses are security glasses which can withstand more than 70 kg fully protected.
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Mandi
Nábřežní bungalov s svěží zahrady, vynikající.
Rains have set in now and it's like floating between the river mist below and the clouds above, rains bring in more beauty to our stay, it can only be experienced first hand. Tranquil retreat in the Himalayas, a combination of love and peace with water front gardens, exquisitely designed home for a serene spiritual stay. A place where nature smiles at its best be it day or night you sure are going to have a completely different experience of living in the mountains this time..
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Gharan
Akhil Farm House for 2 +Guests Near Mandi Himachal
With the lot of Love & Patience we have made this Special & Beautiful house. Overlooking the River Beas, situated on the edge of forest covered mountain. Our place is Heaven in peace with unique environment. You’ll love the stylish decor of this charming place to stay. You can take a pit stop here during your visit to Kullu, Manali, Kasol & Tirthan Valley. It is the best place for base camp while visiting IIT Kamand, Parashar Lake, Barot Valley & Shikari Devi Temple.
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Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Parashar Lake

Domov ve městě Mandi
Valley view chalet
Ubytování ve městě Thachi
Glass Lodge Thachi with Private room & Glass cabin
Ubytování ve městě Thachi
Panoramic Glass Lodge Thachi with private rooms
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Thata
NotOnMap Hidden Hamlet- Thata
Profesionální hostitel
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Kalang
NotOnMap Hidden Hamlet- Bhanuthi
Profesionální hostitel
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Aut
A lake side homestay
Profesionální hostitel
Soukromý pokoj ve městě MANDI
"The Wild Yak" Experience a slice of Himachal
Individuální hostitel
Hotelový pokoj ve městě Bagi
Forest Hut | Mud House Room | Prasher Lake | Mandi
Hotelový pokoj ve městě Bagi
Semi Deluxe Room | Forest Hut | Prasher Lake |
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Kalang
NotOnMap Hidden Hamlet- Kalang
Profesionální hostitel
Soukromý pokoj ve městě D.P.F. Khnaorunal
NotOnMap Hidden Hamlet- Lagshal
Profesionální hostitel
Soukromý pokoj ve městě Sainj
Seraj Domovy v blízkosti Sainj Soukromé Mountain Room
Profesionální hostitel